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It was a dark and stormy night

Right now it is raining outside, which I am very happy. Finally it rained, since it was threatening to other days but always ended up to be a part-cloudy kind of afternoon while walking home from school. But now, fortunately, tommorrow will have a darkened afternoon from all the clouds hovering above. Hopefully it'll rain while walking to and from school! ::gleeful smile::

Tonight I watched the new episode for the show, Cold Case. That was a very eerie situation, but it was also a great one, too. This happens to be another one of my many favorite television shows, since I am a TV junkie, as well as a movie junkie and a book junkie and so on and so forth. But this was episode that I did not want to miss, and I was lucky that I didn't. It was a good one, and I do not regret that I watched it.

Law and Order: CI was a rerun tonight, but I decided to watch it because, of course, of Goren. Hilarious as usual in his very serious getting-the-job-done kind of way.

The raindrops will keep me company tonight while I sleep. I wish it would rain all the time here, if not then it should at least be overcast. Rainstorms are good, thunderstorms are better too!
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