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Hark! More Memes, Ahead.

Answers to slartibartfast's questions:

1. What is it about Veronica Mars that has you all over it? I read the post you linked to in your userinfo.
I was immediately drawn to the character of Veronica, for one thing. Her spunky attitude and snarktastic witticisms, not to mention her awesome PI skills while working alongside her father in the Mars Investigations business. She may have been antisocial, but I liked how she dealt with no longer being accepted by her peers. She is a headstrong kickass girl. She took it, and played the 'revenge served cold' card whether something was justified. Another reason why I was immediately drawn to the series was the storytelling. There's amazing old-style film noir, the gorgeous flashbacks with excellent lighting, and the amount of complexity in the major arch mysteries with plenty of twists and turns to make your head spin. There's also the character developments and relationships Veronica has with those around her. My main reason for liking Veronica Mars just happens to be how each mystery is handled; how everything is connected, and all things shown to the viewer are clues weaved throughout the episodes. It keeps you guessing, it keeps you wondering and speculating the possibilities. It's just that of an addicting show, and that's why I adore it so much.

Oh, and the cinematography is just gorgeous.

2. What do you have around you as you sit at the computer?
Scanner, printer, speakers that aren't working, CDs/CD cases, and dozens of unsorted through papers.

3. If you could be any age forever, which would it be?
This is tough, as I haven't experienced enough to know what particular age I'd prefer to be for all eternity. I'm going to have to be undecided for now, although I'm going to wildly guess somewhere in the early-to-mid twenties.

4. If one song could sum up your recent life, even just the past day, which would it be and why?
"S.O.S" by Shyne; it stands for "Strength Over Stuggle", and possibly Jennifer Knapp's "By and By".

5. Assume money is no issue. What would be your favorite meal ever?
Oh boy, definitely an endless buffet of Chinese and Japanese food.

naughtyelf gave me the letter: D, I will write 10 things that I love that start with "D"; comment and I shall give you your own letter!

1. Dance.
My passion lies within dance. I find great pleasure and joy in it, and not just dancing alone and in front of the mirror, either. I love competitive dancing, performances on stage and the like. The sense of adrenaline, the powerful feeling of accomplishing something you've worked hard for and, in the end, it's all worth it. Very rewarding. In addition to that, I love all the styles of choreography --- I am fast in learning the steps, and was amazed recently in this passed semester that I learned an entire dance routine within a single day. Trust me, I would love to join a dance academy if money were no object.

2. David Boreanaz.
It's a given, quite honestly. What can I say? The man is a delicious amount of hotness, even from the brooding tortured vampire with a soul to the sarcastic and hilarious Seeley Booth from Bones.

3. "Do or Die"
This is a song performed by Namie Amuro. Namie has been my obsession for some time now, and everything about her I just love and adore. She is also my inspiration for keeping up my passion for dance, because she's one hell of a performer, in both her PVs and live performances. I recently heard this song, and was blown away.

4. Dean Winchester.
One of the main characters of Supernatural, and he happens to be my personal favorite from the Winchester brothers. He has a mixture of smartass sarcasm and witticisms, dedication to his mission as a hunter of the paranormal, and looks deliciously fine in his leather jacket while handling a gun. Plus, he listens to classic 1980s rock/metal inside the awesome Metallicar. Oh, and he's played by Jensen Ackles. That statement speaks for itself.

5. Devon Aoki.
I've become a recent fan of her work, both in modeling and in her acting career, and I find her incredibly talented in both categories. Not only did I love her rendition of Miho (or Deadly Little Miho, as her nickname is) in Sin City, but she also was in D.E.B.S. playing the character of Dominique, which I adored the French accent she created for the character (and she's a complete badass with her deadpan responses, too). I personally think Devon has uniquely attractive, and I am looking forward to more things she'll be featured in, either fashion shows or on the big screen.

6. Dutch Chocolate.
Chocolate is undeniably heaven for most people. However, it's the Dutch chocolate that brings me to pure nirvana with every bite of its richness. It's completely orgasmic and irresistible.

7. Dawn Summers.
Sometimes I don't understand the hatred surrounding the character of Dawn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have always been a Dawn fan since her centric episode "Real Me" in the fifth season. Yes, she's particularly bitter with teenage hormones, bratty and whiny half the time during that season --- that's how her character was written. She is an example of the younger sibling not given enough recognition because Big Sister is not only a vampire slayer, but THE Slayer of their generation. I also identified with Dawn during certain points and situations. Not to mention how much she'd matured in the seventh and final season, and I had wished and prayed that she would appear on Angel on its last season. But, alas, that did not happen. Still, I love Dawn.

8. Doctor Who.
My newest fandom obsession, the 2005 series. I love the Ninth Doctor and Rose, although still am jealous at those viewing the new 2006 series with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

9. Daniel Radcliffe.
This young lad, getting his recognition as portraying Harry James Potter in the Harry Potter film adaptations, and is probably the best portrayal of the main character in which no one else can do better. He's learning fast in this business, and is quite mature for his age, not to mention incredibly intelligent. Just listening to his interviews you get a sense that he's wiser beyond his years, which I'm glad that he's been keeping his feet planted firmly on the ground without having his rising success take the better of him. Daniel is a fine young actor, I believe.

10. Dushku, Eliza.
No explanation needed. The name mention should be enough, because I can go into gazillions of paragraphs but they won't live up to how much I love and adore this woman. Though, she will be starring in a movie with Alan Rickman, called Nobel Son (have no idea if they have any scenes together, but still seeing them working on the same project is just fascinating).

Tonight is Veronica Mars as well as House which, unfortunately, both are on at the same time. I will be watching the Snarky McSnark of a doctor, while taping this evening's new episode of VMars. So, I want to remain spoiler-free until I view the episode. I still have to write a review for last week's episode, which is long overdue. So, yeah.
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