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House M.D.: "House vs. God" Reaction Response

Dude, the religious gathering with the faith healer reminded me of that episode of Supernatural. That or Carnivale, either way it was fascinatingly creepifying. I should show this episode in my anthropology class. They'd love it, especially the professor.

"God told me you were kind." Ha! Did you forget the part where God says that Cameron is wetter than a drenched rag in a swampy river?

The Faith Healer is a fifteen-year-old boy. He reminds me of the Annointed One. Yikes.

Wilson has moved out from House's apartment? Darn, I wished for more roommate bickering and midnight pranks. I was waiting for the whipped cream in the hand gag, gorrammit!

House versus the Holy Annointed Faith Healer One. This is going to be good!

"Climb out of your holes, people!" Hee.

Creepy religious guy is getting oddly creepier....

"Why do I get the feeling you're planning world domination?" I love Wilson.

OMG, the scoreboard between House and God! That's freaking hilarious. But, shouldn't that be moot? House is God. Therefore, his points triple. Greggory for the win, yays!

The Poker Game.

The girl patient, Grace, is a miracle worker? Wilson sleeping with his patient, living with her now? Twisted, yet workable for the information of God-Speaks-To-Me-Boy.

Wilson versus House. Oh noes, down boys. Testostrone alert!

Headstrong religious faith healer boy with a weakened and incompetent father who is willing to watch his son die because "it is God's will". Gee, that's the family values America needs!

....And the father comes through, treats his son like he should instead of an oracle from God. YAY! And, the boy had sex? Whoa there, didn't see that coming; though it's not surprising.

This episode was quite of an interesting plot. Character developments, interactions, and LESS CAMERON SCENES even though she was annoying in the few she was in. She definitely needs to get that big giant stick out of her ass, like seriously.

Next episode....Holy. Shit. That is all I'm going to say.
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