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VMars: "Look Who's Stalking" Episode Review

The Case: The Goodmans, Stalking and Coverup

Two different cases, both in relation to the Goodman family. Keith is called by Mr. Goodman who, incidentally, slept with a hooker and she'd had fallen unconcious by getting drugged, and needs help covering for his reputation. Veronica is called upon by Gia Goodman who believes she is getting stalked. By all this time believing and suspecting that there's something terribly wrong with the Goodman's (particularly Woody Goodman, the Mayor of Neptune), nothing could go well in either situation.

Keith is reluctant is carry out Woody's plan of hiding the incident with the hooker from the press and media headlines, however does so because he still has the little ounce of faith in the Mayor, however suspicious he is about whatever he's hiding. Though Keith is blamed for things anyway, and it's published in the newspaper headlines. Whilst confronting Woody about this rather heatedly, there's friction between them. Keith is played out as the bad guy in Neptune. Meanwhile, Veronica is dealing on the opposite side of the Goodman spectrum which, may not be so far away from the big mystery as we think it is.

Gia is being stalked. Naturally, she goes to Veronica for help and, being Veronica, she is obliged to give into her PI skills to catch the creep. From a misunderstanding following-car which happens to be ex-deputy Leo who was called by Woody Goodman to keep on eye out of his daughter, and a mystery stalkerish video of Gia. Friction also begins between Veronica and Gia when the newspaper article comes out about Keith Mars and the hotel business, and Gia goes off on her. Instead of dropping the case immediately because of animosity by false rumors, Veronica continues with the stalker case and goes to her dad for help. Unfortunately, Veronica figures out who the stalker is, and while trying to save Gia she gets stuck in the middle of the creepy stalkerish man --- who happens to be Lucky, the janitor at Neptune High School which was established in the episode "I Am God". But, fretting isn't needed because....Daddy Mars to the rescue! He tries to pry information on why he wants to get back at Woody Goodman and his family, however nothing major is revealed (although it would have been in Lamb didn't interrupt, or if the Manning family didn't bail him out). Hmm, and so the plot thickens even more.

There's always something mysteriously funky happening with the Goodman family. Either with Gia, slightly talkative and annoying but not fully enough to be considered an evil villain as far as we're concerned, or with her father, Mayor Woody Goodman. This episode's main plotline dealt with both characters, and possibly a tie with the huge mystery of the season. Everything is connected, there's no doubt about it.

The Relationships: The Alterna-Prom Goes Wild

Jackie and Wallace: Jackie Cook has really turned around since her beginning episodes of the season, and I've accepted her as a character of the show without animosity; clearly, she's softened her attitude. Perhaps it had something to do with the accusation against her father being involved in the bus crash, or perhaps it's caused by her liking of Wallace Fennel. Either way, I've grown to like her. In this episode, apparently she and Wallace are planning on having a relationship for as long as they can before they graduate, since Jackie has been accepted to attend college in Paris. Going to the Alterna-Prom together (which is the alternative prom, since their high school prom was cancelled for whatever purpose), and quite early on into the night they rented a hotel room, which indicates them having sexual intercourse.

Mac and Butters: Admittingly, I loved Mac and Beaver better because, you know, with the fluffy cuteness and all. Though seeing that Butters having sincere feelings and opening up to Mac like that was sweet in its own way. Of course, I love how she's plotting how to kill Veronica. Hee!

Veronica and Logan: Uh, okay. Logan = Bastard. See people, I do like them together however it's because of these actions of his, the scapegoating of his pain being by sleeping with other women, still makes him a psychotic jackass. Also, fandom? Don't justify his actions by fluffing him his image by suggesting that he was "too drunk to understand" or whatever, because this is what Logan Echolls does. Logan and Veronica can have a stable relationship I'm sure if they tried, however I don't think that's going to happen very soon given how much Logan has to prove to her he is worthy of her time since he was, once again, sleeping with Kendall Casablancas (a.k.a. the newly discovered villain of this story). I agree with Veronica, that they should still see each other from time to time after high school, and see where that takes them. However now? He has a lot of debt to repay for emotionally bruising and disappointing her like that. Both of them are too screwed up to actually be in a stable relationship right now, anyway.

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The Alterna-Prom, where everyone looks particuarly glamourous. Veronica, Mac, and hell even Madison Sinclair looked stunning! I want her outfit, seriously. Oh, and Corny was fantastic. Yay for Corny!

+ "Snap!" said by Gia. Oh, how that was classic.

+ The Tom Cruise comment, made by both Gia and Veronica replying to that comment.

+ Keith, because he rocks like whoa. *loves Papa Mars*

+ The mentioning of Lucky, the janitor, once again. And having the twist involving him, which is nice; ties things together into a more complex puzzle.

+ Kendall confronting Keith, Keith confronting Kendall, Veronica snarking at Kendall. Yay for the Mars team!

+ Veronica and Gia working together. Aside from Gia's bitchy attitude in that one scene, they make a fairly odd team. And Veronica's advice to Gia about being stalked. Priceless.

+ LEO!!

+ Veronica saving Gia from Madison's 'trip to the dentist' treat. Hee, reliving the old times.

+ Did I mention how amazing Madison looked, despite my dislike for the character?

+ Dick being....Dick. Hee, and his beer bong thing, and htting on Veronica. I thought he mentioned that she was Rich Dude Kryptonite? Oh well, I'm guessing it doesn't matter as long as he gets some, huh? Ah, same old Dick Casablancas.

+ The epic thing, with Logan and Veronica? Yeah, I can totally see that happening. Like Bonnie and Clyde in a way; murder, mayhem and bloodshed. That's like an AU story right there.

+ Surprise by Kendall --- er, or should we call her Priscilla now? Hmm.

Overall: This was certainly a good episode. The endless clues giving off the suspiciousness the Goodman family, Woody Goodman mainly, have that may have a tie with either the bus crash or something bigger. Veronica and Logan, the letup and falldown of their trustworthiness with each other. I felt horrible for Veronica, because she does still feel for Logan, and he smushed that hope for not acknowledging how he led her on. The Lucky situation, and how the Mannings may be much complexity. God, I love this show.

Still have to write a review for last week's episode, "Nevermind the Buttocks". Which I will be doing that within the next couple of days or possibly sooner.
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