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Random Things of Today

♣ Weather update: it reached over 85 degrees this afternoon. The humidity is finally here, and rising with each passing day. This isn't even the height of California weather, not even close to how summer is going to be like. I think the song, "It's Getting Hot In Here", is highly appropriate for this particular day.

♣ Am watching Without A Trace, and I swear the girl in this episode looks familiar. I also heard Amanda Seyfried appeared on tonight's CSI, however I didn't catch it due to overdue napping.

♣ I just realized that I desperately need a Weevil icon. Like, seriously.

♣ I really want to see The Da Vinci Code. Although I haven't yet read the book, I've heard raving reviews about it, along with the raging controversy surrounding it, and thus I am intrigued.

♣ Robin Williams will be on The Daily Show tonight, which means fits of laughter and aching sides. *gets self ready for the funny, yay*
Tags: fandom, rl on the dl
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