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I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes....

It rained! Just as I predicted, it rained when I was walking to school - okay, well, sort of sprinkled - and then it was really raining when I was walking home from school. Let's just hope it goes through tonight and tomorrow.

I got my schedule changed. Apparently when I was transferred over to this school the administrators office didn't find it necessary to add the classes that I was taking at the other school and add the remaining credits to their record sheets. So there was a whole other problem there altogether this morning. But now it's been settled, or will be settled by tomorrow afternoon when I arrive to school. Since I finished the Geography class, I now have a new schedule for my first class - English with Patti, the coolest teacher there. Well, all of the teachers there rock, or the ones that I've met anyway. But Patti's really cool, and in the confidential class I have with her every Tuesday and Thursday everybody either discusses a certain topic or we hang out and talk or watch movies. Last week and the week before we watched Shallow Hal, Cinderella, and 28 Days . Patti rockes, plus I went to her class when my other teacher didn't show up that afternoon, so it'll be fun.

One of my friends, who is still back at the other school, asked if the school I'm going to is a private school. My answer is this: NO!

It's not a private school. It's a continuation school, or an independent school or an alternative school. Whichever is preferred, usually it's continuation school that's often heard the most. This school is for those that are kicked out of their regular school for the following things: repeated drug usage before, during or after school, too many missed days or truancies, criminal records, credit deficiency or a fifth year senior that didn't graduate. I highly doubt that private schools would allow certain people of these categories to be placed into their education system. Therefore, my school is exactly where I should be. And it's a hell of a lot better without those strict rules and teachers trying to give you a referral everytime they assume you're doing something wrong.

Plus, there's morning sessions and then afternoon sessions. School is only 3 hours long, only 3 classes (four, if you're counting advisery). I just wish I would've entered this school sooner. I actually get help instead of ignored or ridiculed in front of everyone on the classroom, which is when some of my other teachers in my other schools did - going from elementary school all the way through high school. But I a glad that I am here now, getting all my credits. And I might even graduate this year if I take the G.E.D.

Last night was crazy! I was high off of something, and I was rewatching the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban teaser trailer, and when it came to the end where the student choir was singing "Something Wicked This Way Comes", I noticed (like before) that one of the humongous toads that one girl was holding was dancing or humming to the beat of the song.

It was the Hippie Toad with a Bong!!

This movie's going to turn into a hippie movie - now I'm really psyched to see it! Either that or it's turning into a Cheech and Chong movie. It's a Hippe Harry Potter Cheech and Chong Musical! I knew that I would love Alfonso Cuaron for directing this film!!!

Plus, Dumbledore's a Hippie Mutant. :)
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