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House M.D.: "House vs. God" Episode Review

The Medical Case: The Power of Greggory House Compells You!

So there's this 15-year-old faith healer who believes God talks to him and he heals the wounded and sickness from people. The beginning of the episode shows a very Carnivale-esque scene where the young lad is instead the prayer house, healing the children of God. There's prayer, there's hymns and loud praises to the Lord and Jesus Christ, so on and so forth. After healing a woman who used to use a walker to get around, who could suddenly walk after he placed his hand on her head, the young faith healer starts to have a minor seizure. The people around him start to realize that this isn't God speaking through him, and thus they get help: meaning the all-powerful and lovely Dr. House, of course.

Having dealt with another case of medical versus religious beliefs before (i.e. in the episode "Damned If You Do" from first season), it's no surprise that House would ultimately make sarcastic witticisms towards the young faith healer who believes God is talking to him. However the creepiest thing happens when the young patient starts to relay certain events that he otherwise wouldn't have known; first it was the animosity betwee Foreman and Cameron, then it was knowing that House wouldn't let Wilson into his poker game. House disbelieves that this is some kind of miracle-working, until his patient escapes his hospital room one night, singing hymns to himself and having visions and hallucinations of "choosing" the next person he must save by God's will. This person happens to be a woman named Grace, another patient and apparently is Wilson's patient. House is baffled at the entire situation, while Wilson is stressing out because the Healer Boy is leading Grace to believe she is cured when her tumor isn't getting any better. However, despite their cynical beliefs, Wilson does another X-Ray test on her and --- apparently, the tumor had shrunk since the Healer Boy made contact.

Much with the confusion, poker games and miracle-healing despite hospital medicine, House confronts Healer Boy and his father after solving the riddle to this mysterious puzzle. Surprisingly (though not really), the Holy-Save-God's-Children Healer Boy's illness was caused by herpes after having sex. The father of the young boy, who at first denied any medical treatment because he believed his son was talking directly to God, is finally taking action as a parental unit despite his son's wishes. House and God are now tied in this case.

Concluding another installment of Sex Kills of the House universe.

The Relationships: The BFF Animosity and Bitchiness Galore

With the House and Wilson friendship situation happening in this episide, there's that neglecting of inviting Wilson over for a poker game until Jesus Boy calls House on it, eventually leading House to finally invite his best friend. Then, there's the incident during the poker game. House relays Wilson's secret and problematic issue: he is sleeping with a patient. Some of details and arguments arise during their fight, however in the end, while not resolved to the fullest, things are calm and Wilson says something along the lines of, "You are as God made you." Getting a smile off of House that rarely ever happens aside from being with his Best Friend Forever, and all is well.

I'm also thinking that House doesn't really want Wilson to move onward with his life, meaning with the moving part; that the fraternity lifestyle they had going for that short while, with the original pranks and "do the dishes!" arguments, was just another factor of their friendship that he needed. I think that, without looking at it in a romantic point of view, they both need each other for balance in their lives. No matter how dysfunctional their lives may seem.

I also think that the House versus God was done nicely, having that spiritual element with the modernized medical twist (neverminding the sex caused your illness part, which I think seems overdone in most recent of episodes).

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The scene before the opening credits. Again, the mixture of Carnivale and Supernatural with the Faith Healing service. Although it's not uncommon having these religious services in various places, it's the fandom connection. I expected Justin Crowe to emerge from the background or something.

+ Healer Boy with his creepifying resemblence to the Annointed One from BtVS; it's how he spoke, I think. I don't really understand why I think this, I just do.

+ The "House VS. God" scoring on the whiteboard. Pricless!

+ House playing the piano! Yay.

+ The patient entering the office of the doctor; I actually wanted House to bitch at this kid for that, but the conversation was interesting so it was all good. Creepy, but all good. Though why do people like to diagnosis House with being antisocial and bitter? We know he is! That's the main reason we watch the show in the first place! Stop reminding us of this fact, dammit!

+ Chase breaking into the house, and almost getting caught while chatting on the phone with House. Hee! I loved that.

+ The entire Poker Game sequence. Seriously, that was just awesome. "How come he gets a name?" HEE.

+ Although the Sex Kills situations are getting just a tad overdone, I liked how Religious Boy had sexual intercourse. Shows how unholy the wholesome may seem. I also liked how the father said to him that he believed in God, and that he thought he believed in him too.

+ Chase screentime! Yay with the pretty Puppy. :D

+ Healer Boy singing hymns to the waterfall in the lobby. Interesting touch, and with the special camera effects so we were seeing who he was to "save" next.

+ House and Wilson animosity, oh joy.

+ "You are as God made you." This line was delivered perfectly by Wilson. Hee, and yay for House smiling!

Overall: Intriguing hour of an episode. I liked the main medical case character, despite the creep-factor of knowing that he knows what God knows about everyone else; the miracle-working and healing was quite a trip, which leads to the mysterious question of are those real or faked, depending on how strong your faith is. House/Wilson confrontation of friendship (eventually healing, as usual because, yay for BFFs), Cameron is still annoying and bitchy about the written paper issue, Foreman still rules, Chase is pretty, Cuddy is awesome, and House isn't confronting against God. House IS God. therefore the scoreboard was rather moot. But still fun either way.

This week's episode is going to be killer for me, simply because of what I've seen during the previews and House being armed and dangerous. Literally.
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