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Random Shiny Things About Today

♣ Uh, Law & Order; SVU is apparently showing on SciFi Channel now? This isn't me complaining, this is me smiling in wonderment and joy! But still, I'm wondering why it's being syndicated on SciFi. Huh.

Supernatural finale tonight, yay!

♣ Regarding last night's episode of House: conclusion of the two-parter cliffhanger from Tuesday night, which also ends in a freaking cliffhanger. Gah! Although I already knew what was to happen because I was unfortunately spoiled by some inconsiderate jerk on a community. But it's all good. All I can say without spoilerage is, Foreman! and Steve McQueen! That is all; review coming shortly.

♣ Groceries are stocked up for the weekend, including yummy yogurts yay! Also, chores are all done and I have to write a one-paper reaction paper to a dance movie and/or performance for dance class (I'm either going to go out and see Take The Lead or stay home and watch my Center Stage DVD).

♣ I just loved Criminal Minds last night, and cannot wait for the explosive finale next week.
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