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Criminal Minds: "Secrets and Lies" Episode Review

The Profile: Mole of the CIA

Gideon calls his team in early one morning to deal with the death of a fellow CIA agent, and to profile whether or not the unsub is going to strike again and where a missing woman and her children are. The unsub apparently works in the CIA, given the organized killing of the other agent and excellent coverup of their tracks (not to be confused with an organized killer, as this particular case is quite personal). So, Gideon and the BAU team head off to the CIA office to profile their own people, and figure out who the true mole is that betrayed their country and everything they once believed in.

This episode deals directly with the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government, which, as witnessed in this particular episode, seems quite highly sophisicated and uncomfortbale even for BAU and FBI to deal with. Four of the suspected CIA agents are somewhat defensive of their personal lives, not realizing that they are being profiled and it is extremely important. Some of them seemed unwilling to cooperate, until one of their own was murdered within their very facility. This leads not only questions of how one could get killed inside a highly secured government building, but who could it have been if it wasn't one of their own. As Garcia and JJ find out where the woman and her children are located, so does someone else in the CIA. Gideon, now convinced, wants to put his suspicions to the test to see if his gut feeling is correct and in the end, it is.

The mole and betrayer of the country seemed to have been the CIA's own director (or one of the director's or leaders), the man giving orders and who had called in Gideon and his team to help profile the case. Turning his back on everything he believed in, he'd convinced some of his best agents into doing deeds that went against their own policies --- one of the women accused of being the mole demonstrated this by pretending to shoot the perp when, in fact, she was testing if Gideon was telling the truth. Our main unsub, the CIA director, seemed to have been going about the government coverup. Although Gideon was an old friend, karma certainly paid him back. Hard, as returning home and to the BAU office Gideon finds the headline of the newspaper. The director (or leader) apparently is dead....or is he? Is this another coverup? We don't know, and probably will never know.

The Likeys of the Episode:

I loved when Garcia and JJ are in the secret technology headquarters of the facility and are being guarded and watched by male agents standing at the doorway. Being that Garcia is quite hilarious when as she's trying to convince them that she wants to be left alone, I liked how she and JJ are exchanging a whispering conversation behind one of the agents butt. That, by all means, is classic. Plus, Garcia wanting to type in whether Princess Diana's death was just an accident was typical Garcia, and in the end where she's desperately wanting to find Prince William's phone number after the agents left the doorway. Hee! Now that scene was priceless beyond words; her furious typing and trying to find a pen when the number does appear, and devastated when everything goes blank. I don't blame her. Hey, if I had a chance to search through highly secured secret government computer technology files and search engines I would totally do the same thing.

Another thing I liked was also with the technology used in the CIA. The computers and systems and how they can track down people by just a click of a mouse? Honestly, that could work in many cases and I'm wondering if this is actually in reality instead of the ficitional world of television. Because those kinds of contraptions surely would be useful in our world today. Like, when that one agent was showing Morgan's home and what was inside just by using satellites, it's pretty darn amazing --- and somewhat freaky which would leave some people paranoid if our government is really using Big Brother on us, and not just by phone tabs.

Elle was powerfully manipulative in this episode, and I liked that. Her stone-cold, almost emotionless and determined expression when trying to profile one of the suspected agents was simply amazing. I loved Morgan and Reid's interactions with the other agents there, as well. Gideon, naturally, is great with his profiling abilities.

This episode had a lot of suspense, especially nearing the end. Never reading spoilers, I was aching to know what was going to happen and who the actual mole was --- I long-suspected the one woman agent, but as it turned out it was the other way around. And that was nicely done, I thought. It must've been her hardass attitude and unfeeling, uncaring expression whenever one of the BAU team was talking to her, especially Gideon in the beginning. This also leads to me thinking that, while American citizens might not really agree with some of the things our government is doing to keep things underwraps, sometimes in such circumstances it's necessary for things to be kept under government control and supervision without public interference. This episode proves just that, even for a fictional source of what the CIA is really about.
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