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Fandomosity: Jossverse, VMars, Disney Playmates, Doctor Who

Happy el Cinco de Mayo celebration! Wishing everyone the best on this lovely Friday.

-♠- The Fate of VMars: Those that participated in the SOS (Save One Show) campaign, the unfortuate tallies arrived and Veronica Mars was just behind One Tree Hill. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that OTH will be picked up on CW, because Dawn Ostroff says, "Don't worry, it's coming back." regarding Veronica Mars. For those who don't know, Dawn Ostroff was the president of UPN, and is now chief of the upcoming network CW, and is a fan of Rob Thomas' Veronica Mars. There is still no actual confirmed information until the season finale whether it's going to have a third season, but I don't have any worries personally. It's a highly appreciated and recommended show and, while ratings needeth worked on, the fans speak strongly of it. Also, for those anticipating more VMars goodness, the DVD for season two will be released on the 15th of August.

-♠- Joss Whedon, Master of Comics!: The ever-so-lovely Joss Whedon talks about his comic book projects, including Astonishing X-Men, Buffy and another three-part Serenity comic series.

-♠- It's A Small World After All: Former Disney dancer is named Playmate of the Year; not necessarily fandom-news per se, however I was bemused with the article title that I find it intriguing. I'm always ready to applaud anyone who used to cosplay Disney characters at any Walt Disney theme park and rise to the Playboy Mansion. So really, I could've met the Playmate of the Year some time ago. How interesting is that? Just don't tell the conservative crazies that are strictly G or PG, there will be wankage there and then it will become fandom news for all to share.

-♠- "Fantastic!": All new Doctor Who episode tonight on the SciFi Channel, yays!
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