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VMars: "Happy Go Lucky" Episode Review

The Case: The Woody Goodman Downfall and the Trial of Aaron Echolls

In light that this was the second-to-last episode of the season, everything vital to all the mysteries have been mentioned and nearly dealt with. The deal with the Goodman's, the janitor named Lucky and his tie-in with Woody Goodman, and most of all the trial of Aaron Echolls. Not to mention that it's finals for all the Seniors at Neptune High, whether one graduates is all they care about. But for our beloved Veronica Mars, she has gazillions to worry about which could mean life or death (figuratively speaking, anyway, although knowing her luck it's possibly more dangerous than that).

In continuation of the Woody Goodman and Lucky connection, Keith knows that Lucky sent Woody E-Mails, all under different addresses. Veronica happily volunteers to search for those "lost" E-Mails while spending study time with Gia before finals. However, what she finds isn't particularly pleasant.

I've read plenty of speculations from people about Woody Goodman molesting children, and sometimes pointing the finger at Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas for being another one of Woody's helpless victims (hence his prior relationship difficulties with Mac, as basically a suspected motive). Although I'm still unsure about Beaver being victimized, there's definite evidence that Woody Goodman is a child molestor. Besides, back in a few episodes there were subtle signs about his behavior that suggested this; while back then it seemed like just a regular assumption, it became proven correct. Mayor Woody Goodman of Neptune, California is a perverted, manipulative bastard who takes advantage of children and threaten them inevitably. Apparently, Lucky was one of those kids he sexually abused. Hence, frightening his family, stalking Gia, and bringing the gun to Neptune High in the beginning of the episode, and planting bombs in the Woodman's home and car.

Using an audio recording and presenting it to Sheriff Lamb, his immediate reaction was to not really place any effort in accusing a well-respected man, let alone the Mayor of Neptune, of child molestation and murdering those kids on the bus. However, Keith gets through to him and Lamb does something incredible --- he listens to Keith and tries to arrest Woody. But, it's discovered that Woody and his family left town.

How will this go down in the end? Will Woody be caught and charged correctly? This probably will enter more into the third season, hopefully anyway.....

The Trial of Aaron Echolls

The verdict is in: NOT GUILTY.

Of course, everyone viewing and everyone involved and who'd seen the tapes knows that this verdict isn't true at all. He is, indeed, highly guilty and not just for the murder of Lilly Kane. However, Aaron's lawyer pretty much twisted events around into a situation that seemed plausible for the jury, nevertheless a complete and utter lie. Basically, twisting the facts around to make Aaron the innocently accused, and Veronica and Keith as the ultimate liars. Veronica was unprepared for what the lawyer hit her with about her sudden STD (which now we understand has been cured, indefinitely), and Keith was badgered repeatedly about his close relationship with his own daughter. To which he lashed out nearby violently. Logan testified against his own father, naturally, although knowing his absolute hatred of him the jury would see this as a son trying to send his father to life in prison without proper evidence other than resentment. He could've mentioned the beatings, he could've presented the jury with many wrongdoings Aaron did to him and his family. But no, he did not.

To Veronica's devastation (and us as viewers), Aaron Echolls got off scott-free. All charges out the window, and he is now a free man. Free, but still very guilty. Logan, you should've perserved those videotapes. Understandably it was difficult to watch your girlfriend and your father having sexual intercourse but, you should've thought before you destroyed them! Not only does Aaron walk, but Logan now has a felony charge for stealing and destroying police evidence. Way to go, Logan.

The Relationships: The Goodman Family, the Mars family, and High School Friendships

The conclusion was made final episodes ago, but it's apparent now that Woody Goodman is a creepifying man. How he talks to people, his crooked-friendly smile, and especially how he leaned against the doorframe in the background as Veronica was getting ready to leave the Goodman household. Yeesh. In the beginning I was indifferent about the character of Gia Goodman, however despite her unusual perkiness and ditzy behavior, she's generally an all right person possibly unaware of her father's intentions. Although I'm starting to wonder if Woody Goodman molested his own children too, or if the wife, Mrs. Goodman, has an issue as well. The Goodman's are one freaky family, that's for sure.

Ah, Veronica and Keith. Despite what secrets were hidden between them that doesn't stop their loving relationship as father and daughter. Veronica may have done some things against her father's wishes in the past, sometimes illegal things that would've gotten her killed or worse, but Keith isn't angered with her. By the trial and things coming out, I just love how emotionally attached each of them are to one another; their bond is so strong, and that's why I love their relationship together.

The disconnection between friends in high school and getting ready for college can be distressing, however the Wallace and Veronica friendship lasting for two years after she cut him down from the flagpole started their oddball of a partnership. Everlasting friendship and partners in solving crime. Her "elementary my dear Wallace" line was delivered perfectly because, lets face it, he is the Watson to her Holmes; or Q to her Bond, or however you'd like to place it. Best Friends Forever, baby. Although I see them as being together forever because while Veronica wants to get away from Neptune, I have a feeling she'll change her vote and stay while attending Hearst with her dear Wallace. Hey, she's already made friends (and enemies) there from the tour, why wouldn't she like to go?

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The beginning scene before the opening credits, with Lucky shooting off a gun around the outside lunch area. That was highly intense and dramatic. Yay, go Wallace for attacking him! Although I nearly screamed when Lucky fired the gun directly into his chest....only to reveal they were blanks. Then Lucky was shot for real by a security guard. Karma is a bitch, didn'tya know?

+ Veronica protecting Gia, once again. Indifference about Gia and her perkiness, as aforementioned, however I like their somehow drawn friendship without being immediate friends.

+ Weevil. Weevil. Weevil. How I adore thee, Weevil.

+ Also, is it weird that I seriously want a Weevil/Mac friendship thing to happen? Because just how they interacted was great. Of course, I'm all for the Beaver/Mac relationship but the potential friendship with her and Weevil would be downright awesome.

+ Hart! For those who don't remember, Hart was the boy who videotaped Lynn Echolls jumping off the bridge. Yay for minor character appearances.

+ Gia mentioning MySpace, and admitting she had a MySpace. This is quite hilarious, considering how she phrased her sentence. "I used to have like, a thousand friends....and now I'm down to nine-hundred something." In truth, that website is just a social place to only count how many people you have a virtual friends, and not much else intelligent happens there. But, that's very typical of Gia, of course.

+ Woody is a creepy, creepy man. I mean, come one. "Mr. Good Wood"? Perverted and openly disgusting.

+ I love Keith. The end, case closed.

+ Aaron is a lying, manipulative murdering bastard. But Harry Hamilton is just amazing in this role. Seriously. Like, whoa. Not as villainy as the Fitzpatricks, although they are nearly on the same level of scary. The Fitzpatricks are more mob-type violently scary and Aaron's more subtle in his violence. Still, scary stuff.

+ Terrance arriving home! Although having to live like a lapdog for the rest of his life just seems unfair. Especially to Jackie, who has no idea what's going on.

+ Weevil getting a B on his algebra final! Yay, go Weevil! Although I fear what's going to happen to him now that those kids identified him for knocking out Thumper....but, technically, he didn't really kill him. Just knock him out, yes? It was the Fitzpatricks who tied him up to the building, and Logan who pulled the trigger for the building to collapse. So, Weevil is halfway innocent in that sense. Yes?

+ I knew Aaron was to be found innocent, although the emotional impact was greatly profound. Seeing Veronica's expression, and Aaron looking at her, with a smug twinkle in his eyes. Gah.

Overall: Mind-whirling of an episode. Accused murderer-trial, finding out that Woody Goodman isn't the nice and friendly man everyone thinks he is, Lamb being incredibly awesome in the end of the episode, finals and Weevil getting help from Mac and getting a high grade for it! Mac and Beaver getting along again (and hopefully getting together again), and I'm really hoping that Veronica does pass her finals and does get the Kane Scholarship, even though that would be too good to be true, but that's my fantasy dream for Veronica. To have a piece of victory after all she's been through.

Next week's preview for the finale looks rather....intense. How will it measure up to last season's finale, I don't know.
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