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Random Shiny Things About Today

New Fandom Alert: The Tribe is a science fiction teen drama about a post-apocalyptic world where all the adults have died due to a virus, leaving behind children that form gangs, trying to survive yet discovering that the virus may still affect them. And apparently, it's filmed in New Zealand and possibly heading into its sixth season. I was introduced to this series incidentally by this wonderful fanmade soundtrack, and after discovering it I started looking it up, finding which channel I can watch it on and voila, am a newly converted addict. However, due to the inconvinienced time schedules it has it on (it shows either 2:00pm or 4:00am), not to mention that I have absolutely no idea where it is in the series, I may just have to get the DVDs. Either way, I'm liking it so far.

♣ I loved tonight's episode of Medium. Kelsey Grammer guest-starring as the Angel of Death was just awesome, and the little twist in the end was great. I'm crossing my fingers that the Angel of Death figure appears again in later episodes, maybe for the third season this fall or something. It was refreshing seeing Kelsey on the show. Oh, and how much do I like Allison's girls? Ariel and Bridget, especially the little adorable Marie! Eee! So cute.

♣ This isn't necessarily shiny: I have noisy inconsiderate assholes for neighbors who cannot seem to understand that their loud banging in the morning is disrupting my beauty sleep! Not to mention that the hammer they're pounding sounds like gunshots going off. Loudly, on metal. Bad neighbors, no cookie.

Veronica Mars season finale is tomorrow! OMGYAY! *tries to contain excitement*

♣ Jon Stewart was hilarious this evening, and Samantha Bee appeared! I loved her coverage of the prostitutes and the injection of heroin in the penis. Er, you kinda had to be there to understand.
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