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Veronica Mars Finale: Reaction


It was Cassidy all along? Cassidy?! I've known about the speculations about him being victimized by Woody Goodman, the molestation and all and his inability for sexual committment with Mac, but I never suspected this to have happened! If anything, the molestation would've been it but.....having everything tie into him causing the bus crash, raping Veronica at Shelley's party almost two years ago, let along actually taking advantage of Mac (I mean, the adorablenss of them together was all that just played out by him, or did he really genuinely like her until realizing that Veronica would've told her the truth? We don't know, and never will know).

I'm just, speechless. Literally. My mouth was dropped as all the information was being poured out. Hell, I'm still trying to process what had happened this episode. But, despite the ultimate shock of the events, everything is starting to make sense. The connections. It's all about the connections. Next week, UPN is airing this season from the beginning so we can find those clues leading up to the big mystery, but I think after Veronica relayed all the events leading up to her discovery of Cassidy being behind everything, I think I have enough to go on. Still, just whoa.

I was teary-eyed when I thought Keith was dead. My mind shouted, "No! Papa Mars cannot be dead! No! Don't kill him off, Rob Thomas! We love Keith! Please, don't let that happen!" Thankfully, he's alive and well and I was just so damn HAPPY that Keith Mars, our beloved Keith Mars, isn't dead. Seeing Veronica's devastated expression left me cold inside. But happy when they are reunited.

Jackie has a kid? She's not really the Hollywood-ish starlet raised as a princess kind of girl we thought she was in the beginning? No wonder she was being bratty and bitchy, as she was trying to fit into the role of Neptune people. Also, those pills as seen in the credits and in that one episode were, I'm assuming drugs yes? Wow. This episode revealed the truth about some characters, huh? Nice. Me likes, lots.

OMG, Duncan hired Clarence Wiedman to kill Aaron Echolls? That is just beyond awesome, and very clever. Wiedman returns, and so does Duncan!

Lilly Kane in the Alternate Universe dream was just pure awesomeness! She looked so damn pretty, as usual of course. Yay! More Lilly!

Kendall could be coming back next season? Cliffhangers, they're frustrating yet fascinating.

I have more to say....but, I'm still processing everything right now. Will do a full-length review up shortly, and possibly after the shock wears off. Just, wow. Stellar of a finale, man. I give Rob Thomas props for the twisting and turning and jumbled up complexity of his storylines; speculations aside, he had me fooled. For sure.

Rob Thomas? You, like Joss Whedon, are such a magnificent bastard that I am your television-watching bitch for life.

ETA: The CW add-in line? SO FREAKING CLEVER! Loved it.
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