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Random Things of Today

Firstly, since yesterday I was a bit preoccupied I'm wishing a wonderful Mothers Day to behrbemine, and all other mothers out there. I'm hoping you had a very special day; to everyone else, I wish you had a great day appreciating all your mothers or those who you consider your mother-figure. Because moms are definitely love, yes they are.

♣ Because I was quite productive yesterday, I spent some time spring cleaning in my room; getting rid of the dust and muck hiding underneath my bed and in corners. I'm also thinking of rearranging some things, to make it just a tad more presentable and lively than it has been. Still working on that. Also, I made brownies! Yay!

They should just DIE already. Nobody cares about this show anymore. Honestly. CW people, you can do much better than this.

♣ Concerning current weather conditions, it's getting incredibly warm and bordering humid heat. Just some days ago we had a breeze, but it was the warm-air kind of breeze. It was uncomfortable to be in, however it's nice because out rose bushes are growing and we may be having blooming roses in the next several of weeks! The leaves on the trees are providing shade, and all is good. Yays.

♣ I really want to see The Da Vinci Code, like on opening weekend or something. Of course, this is partially due to my curiosity and the nonsensical controversy surrounding it. There's going to be a documentary on the SciFi Channel where people are tearing about the book, suggesting that Dan Brown was wrong? People, it's a fictional story! Yes, there are things based upon actual facts, but the rest are speculations and possibilities. It's a fictional novel, and it's all based around what you believe in. In truth, we don't know if Jesus was married and had a child. We just don't know, henceforth the speculating in this novel, and the movie based on it, is to make people think and question, not necessarily change their beliefs. It's a fictional story, based on some facts and possible assumptions, interpreted in many different ways, take it or leave it. That's all I'm going to say on this subject.

♣ Anthropology final this Thursday, and then I am done for this semester. Meep.
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