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House M.D.: "Who's Your Daddy?" Episode Reaction

House injecting himself with needles; very reminescent to Sherlock Holmes and his addiction to Opium (duh, because his character was inspired by Holmes, but I was watching an episode of Sherlock just before seeing this episode so, yeah). Poor House, his leg hurting more and more. Though I liked that walking around, or rather pacing as it seemed, helped clear his mind from the pain temporarily.

Cuddy! House! Cuddy asking House for help (with something as private as injecting her in the bottocks). EEEE!! House/Cuddy OTP, for sure.

I wanted Cuddy's shirt. Seriously, that was simply gorgeous and frilly. Me wants the precious.

Katrina victim girl patient, with hallucinations, believing that the man taking her home with him is actually her father, crapping from her mouth. Hmmm, sounds like a typical House case to me. Mysterious. Plus, the "everybody lies" infamous quotation definitely applies here.

Clinic duty was short, however enjoyable. Yay.

The massage girl was back....and apparently doing something that looked like she was giving him a handjob when it really wasn't. Damn, that wasn't quite subtle --- but hilarious as hell. And Cameron's reaction! WILSON'S reaction! Hee.

"Yes, Mistress." HEEE!!

Please, please, please have Cuddy ask House to donate sperm for her. Either that, or just have sex already for goodness sakes! Having her walking into his office like that, her expression mixed with emotion and appreciation for what he'd done for her and possibly flushing about what she was thinking about, boinking him then and there. They'd have such pretty babies, for real now. Pretty and snarktastically intelligent children, they would become.

For the preview for the finale: Oh My God!
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