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VMars: "Not Pictured" Episode Review (The Finale)

Finally! My review and reaction for the Veronica Mars second season finale; quite lengthy and wordy with scattered thoughts and expressed opinions about certain things. So, beware.

So, here we are. The finale to everything that's been happening this season, from mysteries being solved to character developments and plotholes filled. Let me just say straightforward that the aftermath of watching this one-hour finale was almost gut-wretching and overwhelming that I thought I wasn't going to sleep well at night, because of my thoughts whirling around and everything processing into my brain of what happened. I know there's mixed feelings about it, however mine are more confuzzled with amazement than anything. Here's why....

The Season Mystery: Bus Crash Case, Solved

Graduation Day for the Seniors at Neptune High School, and despite the devastating news that Aaron Echolls is now a free man Veronica is getting ready for that Big Day. Meanwhile, in an Alternate Universe of Veronica's unconscious slumberland, she's still slightly perky and not completely aware of the happenings and betrayals of her classmates, her mother never abandoned them and her father is still Sheriff. Duncan is still there, however Veronica is with Logan (something I completely don't understand), and this is an AU where Veronica and Wallace never met; Lilly is still alive, which made me incredibly happy just to see Amanda Seyfried appear onscreen once again as Lilly Kane. However, once the Lilly Kane Memorial fountain was shown, and the "bacon" was mentioned, that dreamland disappeared as Veronica wakes up to reality. She is graduating that day, and hopefully to escape Neptune for the greater good. Or so she thinks.

At the graduation ceremony everything seemed to be going smoothly, until Lamb showed up to arrest Weevil for the suspicion and connection with Thumper's disappearance and death. This action caused some heartache and rage within me, because I wanted Weevil to graduate and to make his grandmother proud of him as she was sitting in the stands. It was practically humiliation, and I'm still shakened by this. Lamb should've waited at least ten minutes, at least. That was incredibly low, even for him. Though as Veronica walked across the stage, her exchange with Principal Clemens was just awesome, and I loved how everyone was cheering for her despite what she thought they would've done (and Keith is so cute with his cheer, being the father proud of his daughter graduating, hee). Afterwards, with the infamous pony exclaimation and graduation surprise gift, Keith is off to find Woody Goodman and Veronica tries to locate Jackie before Wallace makes the mistake of attempting to himself, and she also tries to find the other Little League team members that Woody might've molested.

However, there's a shocking revelation that disturbs Veronica after looking at an enlarged photograph of the team inside a resturant, with the caption underneath the names which reads: NOT PICTURED: CASSIDY CASABLANCAS.

Leave It To Beaver, Round Two

Admittingly, having Cassidy being the murderer was very jaw-dropping for me, particularly because I've fallen in love with his character and his adorable relationship with Mac. I've known that there had been speculation with the molestation and him being victimized by Woody Goodman, and if anything that would've just been the end of that. But the revelation that Cassidy did blow up the school bus, murdered Curly and placed Veronica's name in the palm on his hand, and then the returning to the flashback at Shelley's party nearly two years ago where he did rape Veronica, giving her Chlemydia as Woody had done so with him.....this was all shocking, disturbing, frightening, and well thought out at the same time.

In that moment where he read Veronica's text message meant for Mac, his facial expression turned to anger and, once pulling out that handgun that magically appeared in his possessions, I knew that Rob Thomas wasn't giving us another deadend link.

The entire scene on the rooftop was marvelously done, and as Veronica was relaying the events leading up to how she suspected Cassidy for being the killer instead of someone else, including her own rape, everything started to make sense, slowly and painfully I knew that the puzzle pieces were linking together. It's one of those moments where it's so obvious once you hear it being said, however that's the cleverness of this show; there are so many complexities, twists and turns that you don't really comprehend the information unless you take everything apart and solve the puzzle Sherlock Holmes-style. The flashbacks to the events from the bus actually crashing to the coverup, that night at Shelley's party, it all seemed so unreal that I imagined that Cassidy was to laugh it off and prove her wrong. Unfortunately, he only smiled without remorse, and also with a little bit of anger. But the emotionless expression when he was blowing up Woody Goodman's plane where it was suspected that Keith was onboard, that really did it for me; honestly, when it went to commercial I literally went "Oh My God! Holy Fucking Shit!" I was dismayed, and I didn't want Keith to be dead. In the back of my mind I tried to be optimistic, however somehow my brain wasn't quite functioning because of what was currently happening in just that one scene.

Veronica paging or forwarding her text message to Logan was a lucky call, and quite frankly I was shocked that Cassidy would just automatically shot at Logan without thinking. But damn. And Veronica literally pounced onto Cassidy, grabbing her tazor (which he was trying to shock her with moment before), and grabbing the gun and pointing it directly at Cassidy. The emotion in her voice when she cried, "He killed my father!" just broke my heart, and seeing Logan's expression was also heartbreaking. But I loved how he convinced her to put the gun down, and telling her kindly and rationally that she wasn't a killer. That scene was lovely, and Veronica's sobbing just did it for me. I was crying too at that point.

"My name is Cassidy!" was perfectly delievered, and painful when it was suddenly realized that was to commit suicide by falling off the rooftop. Sort of similar to how Faith fell after being stabbed by Buffy, only this time there was no truck passing by to save our beloved Cassidy Casablancas. Then, within that small moment after the fact, Veronica gaspings and rushes into the hotel room where Cassidy was staying find a crying Mac, huddled next to the bed, naked, and covered only with white sheets. Cassidy had taken everything from her, her clothes and possessions, including her virginity (which was subliminal in her sobbing words), and while both are still crying, they embrace. Both girls effected deeply by what Cassidy Casablancas did to them.

So, the following question remains, did Cassidy only use Mac and did he rape her? I'm standing firm on my opinion that I don't believe that Cassidy raped Mac. I do think his first intention was to use Mac to create the website which is all tied into the Kendall Casablancas being CEO of his newly created business to stop incorporation, however I believe after spending some time with her that he genuinely started to like her. Cassidy felt that he truly found someone that wasn't a setup from his brother, and I'm guessing that he wanted to prove that whatever was done to him by Woody didn't affect his lovelife and his future. Their sexual relations that night in the hotel room was mutual, though I afterwards I think once he realized that Veronica knew his original intentions, he couldn't trust Mac because she was friends with Veronica ---- and when it came down to it Mac would believe her than him. Hence he took her possessions so in case anything did happen, Mac wouldn't be able to save Veronica.

ETA: I have been notified that Cassidy and Mac did not have sexual intercourse because he couldn't perform from being traumatized by what Woody Goodman did to him. He was able to have sex with Veronica because she was unconcsious and he was able to visualize whatever he needed to in order to get an erection; with Mac though, he wanted to prove to himself that he was no longer affected by whatever happened to him, yet failed. However, with the rape thing dismissed I still believe that Cassidy did sincerely care about Mac. His betrayal of her was his protection against himself.

The Second Season Shocker: In Defense of Rob Thomas and Company

Understandably, many people were shocked and stunned at the startling revelation about who the killer was of this huge mystery (those who haven't read the spoilers, anyway). I've read plenty of impressed reviews as well as enraged reactions from fans alike. Having Cassidy be the perp was quite surprising, however without trying to say something horrible about what was discovered I'd like to approach how this was led up to the discovery. Tactics and mind-teasers. Rob Thomas is practically a genius to lead us on with something then, automatically twist us around into a whole different direction. This is how an awesome show works, by befuddling its audience while still making an impression all at the same time.

Granted, I am still overwhelmed with the information about what happened this season, all wrapped up inside one hour, but that's the kind of emotion and reaction they wanted from us. To literally have our jaws drop and differ in our reactions after the finale. Yes, I am disappointed it turned out to be our beloved Cassidy, yes I am disgruntled that there will be no more Mac/Cassidy in the third season. However, this is why I love this show; I don't consider this being Jossed or that the writers had different plans. I believe that Rob Thomas had everything planned out from the beginning, and also to distract us from discovering whomever committed the bus crash and covered it up. He wanted our reactions to differ because the person who did it was someone who we least expected it to be. That my friends, is a twister and a half.

So, I love Rob Thomas for his obvious creation. He is the Magificent Bastard that I just adore, even if he breaks off and squishes the cutest OTP ever in the Marsverse. It was brilliantly done without having me suspect anything. I couldn't function afterwards, not even watching Daily Show could stop me from talking about the finale.

Though one little nitpick: having Veronica and Logan be together automatically after everything that had happened? Okay, while I do like them I just think that was moving too quickly. Logan slept with Kendall billions of times, and even flaunted it in front of Veronica. I honestly would think that after the Hero business on the rooftop that they would've moved upward to become friends, not necessarily lovebirds again. I'm guessing that was a tieup in case there wouldn't be a third season, which there is now as it's been confirmed. Still, that moved too damn fast. Logan has a lot of debut to pay, and I'm thinking that's what their talk was about.

The Shiny Pretties!

+ The crackstastic Alternate Universe dream sequences. The Would-Have-Beens and What-Ifs, and while I'm still pining over why Veronica was with Logan in this dream!AU, I loved that Lilly Kane never died! And her girl/girl comment makes it dreamverse canon, right? So refreshing to have Lilly back even for that moment. And yay, Duncan!

+ The Chlemydia thing, the first time that STD was mentioned was by Gia in the classroom, correct? I don't remember that scene in the previouslies where Veronica went to the doctor and he said she had Chlemydia. Could this be a possibly deleted scene? Like in the first season with Veronica passing by her car with the words written "slut" and the message on her back window? Possibly that could be it.

+ Graduation. Their gowns were too darn pretty, prettier than mine were. Silky green. I want silky green robes!

+ Awww, Keith cheering for Veronica was so cute! Wallace and everyone else. I loved Veronica and Clemens exchange. I'm going to miss him next season, yes I am.

+ "A PONY!" That line was brilliant delivered by Kristen Bell, and her jumping up and down was just adding to the adorableness.

+ Keith tazoring Woody! Yay, go Keith!

+ The Jackie storyline was interesting. So, perhaps her bitchiness was due to her roleplaying or was that due to her drug-addiction and past streetlife way of living? She really made a turnaround in the later episodes of this season. Remember when she was that new girl we just never liked at all, not even loved to hate? It kind of seems too sudden to leave all that behind, but I'm guessing with contracts and all and the show's budget. But still, Jackie was nice.

+ Dick slapping Veronica on the ass. Hee! I didn't care much for Dick because I thought he was obnoxious (reminding me of the immature fucktards at my college), however I'm starting to see him in a new light. I wonder what his reaction to his brother's demise might be....

+ That song played during the After Graduation party as Veronica was paging Mac. That was so awesome, yet I have no idea what it was called, gorrammit!

+ The rooftop scene in its entirety. OMG.

+ Dream sequence with wee!Veronica and Papa Mars with puppets. SOCUTEOMG! And the mentionings of bacon once again? Hee. Connections, connections.


+ Vinnie VanLowe behind bars, and calling Keith for his One Phone Call. Now that was classic.

+ Clarence Wiedman!! Duncan Kane returns! The "CW" comment, with the "done deal" reply (when in reality it TOTALLY IS, OMG!) Hee.

+ Kendall Casablancas may be another factor in the third season, with the suitcase.

Overall: This episode was overwhelmingly amazing and much love, despite the emotional rollercoaster it had me on. Though, it's Veronica Mars. If it's not a rollercoaster of mystery, fun and emotion, what else should you expect? This definitely ain't an episode of Full House where everything is all okay in the end. Which is why I LOVE this show. The mystery was solved, but leaving us hanging on another cliffhanger mystery that will be revealed in the third season. Keith, did you stand your daughter up at the airport? What could Kendall possibly be offering that is more important? We'll find out this fall on the new CW network.(Although killertofu pretty much already speculated what the suitcase was that Kendall had. All that's left is whatever is hidden inside that would capture Keith's interest. Porn! Hmmmm.....)

Also, in case you haven't caught onto the fandom!squee recently, Veronica Mars will be returning for the CW fall schedule. Supernatural and Gilmore Girls also in the lineup amongst others, although I'd wish 7th Heaven would just disappear forever (it should have stayed cancelled, gorrammit!) But, all is good because VMars is renewed. Yays!
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