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Bones: "The Woman in Limbo" Episode Reaction

My initial reaction from tonight's season finale of Bones, which also explains my ultimate love for this show (that's a given, obviously).

This episode I really enjoyed, particularly because it dealt with the personal life of Brennan and also the growing companionship between her and Booth. The many emotional scenes were really done well, especially as Brennan was saying to herself over and over who she really was after discovering that her entire life was all a lie (e.g. her parents lived a separate life as bank robbers, and she and her brother once lived with different names). When Booth came to her side and kindly pulled her into his arms as she sobbed, that was just beautiful in a tragic way.

The opening scene, with Booth rushing her out to go into the courtroom, was simply fantastic. Fast-paced, and normal Booth and Bones interaction. Oh, and how much do I love that 3-dimensional screen they have in their lab possession? Because it is uber cool.

So, apparently Brennan's father is acting like Papa Winchester now? There's similarities between his words of caution over the answering machine that reminded me of how Papa Winchester talked to Sam and Dean; also kind of reminding me of Lianne Mars in a way. It's the "stop trying to find me" way of talking via phone call that triggers it. So, what could her father be hiding that allows him to call her to dismiss her finding out the truth? Mysteries, mysteries, and cliffhangers oh my!

Might I say that I adored how Emily Deschanel looked this evening? She's simply a stunner with her looks, I swear. David Boreanaz looked spifty as always. Did I mention that I loved how he spontaneously went over to Brennan's place with Chinese food? That is just adorable, if not totally obvious that he likes her (and vice versa).

Aww, Brennan dedicated her book to Booth! Much love.

Thank goodness that FOX is renewing Bones for a second season this upcoming fall, because I really want to know about this cliffhanger.
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