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Random Things About Today

♣ Finished my last final, and that means this semester is finally over! Though somewhat disheartened of how quickly time flew by, I relieved it's done with, if not a little worried on how I did on those finals and my overall grades.

♣ Checked out the fall schedule for my television shows that'll be continuing on the new CW network, and considering that Veronia Mars has its spot I'm no longer worried. By means of the FOX network scheduling for their fall season lineup, Bones and House will be returning. So, yay!

♣ Weather reports are now saying there will be a possible thunderstorm arrving in our area this weekend. Bzuh?! Grateful as I am, I'm pretty sure it's going to be warm-aired kind of rainy weather. Hot spring showers, it's been known to happen before. But I loved today's afternoon weather; while something humid it was wonderfully cloudless and bright blue sky. Much love.

♣ It's bedtime, and yet I am restless, sleep deprived and hungry. Huh.
Tags: fandom, rl on the dl
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