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Sunday Ramblings

As the weather reports have predicted, it's raining on this fine Sunday. It has been overcast since Friday, so it was only a matter of time before it started actually sprinkling. Ah, springtime.

Something interesting happened this weekend. I was mindlessly flipping through television channels one evening, because of late-night boredom, when I abruptly stopped once seeing Dick Casablancas on That's So Raven. Playing a member of a boy band. Immediately I said aloud, "Hey, it's Dick!" After witnessing this I went online and searched through Ryan Hansen's IMDB filmography profile, cursing myself for not having done so before, and noticed he's been in other things I recognize. One in particular was he appeared in the pilot of Carnivàle, to which I have the DVDs for. I thought it was quite interesting. Oh, and I might have been slightly converted to liking Dick Casablancas. Granted I didn't before, but he's gradually winning me over. Yes, he's insanely obnoxious and hormonally on overdrive, yet he's highly entertaining. I don't know what it is, but his character intrigues me.

I still want to see The Da Vinci Code, and after reading the raving reviews and reactions from it's first opening weekend, I am anticipating seeing it for myself in theaters (if I ever get a chance to, that is).
Tags: rl on the dl, veronica mars
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