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Fandom: Late Night Finales

So, while I don't watch CSI: Miami religiously like some of my other fandoms I do catch it occasionally. Mostly to kill time before Medium and, partially to catch Brendan Fehr every now and again (it's my love from Roswell, what can I say). However, I know quite enough to understand what was happening with the characters and personal affairs. This finale was no exception there, and I was pleased with the plot, if not for the cliffhanger of an episode.

I liked the discovery of the mole inside the lab, the FBI woman authority whom suspected to be part of something (and the total ownage in the end), and the trippiness with the subtitles. Dude, that was freaky and awesome at the same time.

Next season: CSI Miami: In Brazil. Yeah.

I've been watching Medium since the very beginning, and I just adore everything about it. From the storylines to the guest-stars and everything else in between that makes the viewer not only feel the suspense vibrating off the television screen, but also question what's happening and figure out the mystery along with Allison. This episode really impressed me (although, was there really any doubt?)

Allison's journey to keep her gift underwraps has led many people into suspicion and questioning her motives, yet never really doing anything to prove otherwise of how and why she knows what she knows, when she couldn't possibly know them. This episode focused on the possibility that something she dreamt which she misinterpreted would lead her down the path where everyone would know about her secret. She would be mocked and laughed at --- which leads into the "what if" life. What if she never married Joe DuBois? What if she never had children? What if she married a man who didn't really care about her instincts and dreams? What if she didn't believe in her gift that she had in this other life? This episode really gave the insightful look to what Allison would've been like if she followed her dream to become a lawyer, and from the looks of it she would've had her career, but not her life. In this "what if" reality, she would've stayed in an unhappy marriage with a man who didn't believe in her personal dreams or thoughts, and practically mocked her family, and she didn't follow her instincts that are part of her gift. The Allison we know and love since the beginning is how I like her, thank you very much.

Joe still appears in this what-if reality, and he's still smitten with her! Aww, and he thinks she's cool! I really liked that even though in this "could be" world, Allison and Joe still fall for each other, like it's fate. It's true, too. Joe does sometimes question Allison's instincts from time to time but, in the end, he believes in her. They do complete each other. That's what I love about them. And Allison awakes to find that the day, that day where things supposedly goes wrong inside the courtroom, has started over. Where now she has a chance to change things and set them right from what she'd learned from the "what if" world.

My constant rambling about this episode really is stating this: Loved It. Utterly and totally, this finale was amazing. This show is so much love, and I am thankful NBC is renewing it for a third season.

Oh, and GIP because I love my brand new Temperance Brennan icon. Lookit the pretty!
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