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Three Random Shiny Things About Today

♣ Um, tonight's season finale of House: WHOA. Dude, this entire hour was trippy, seriously trippy. Though I called him hallucinating/dreaming the whole thing once getting shot because, honestly, a man who shoots you and starts talking logic is definitely irrational. So, does this mean that House will get treated for his leg because he, thanks to the hallucination, knows what the chances are and is giving Cuddy his consent? Personally, while it's great that the chances of his leg working again is a great thing, I kind of like our bitter limping doctor. That's his personal flaw that we love, as the audience and fans. Plus, dude, his freaking pimp!cane for goodness sakes! GAH! I want the third season NOW, gorrammit! I want to know what happens, to House and his leg. My overall reaction to this finale: Jesus Christ on a bicycle, that was fantastic! How many months until the third season premiere again, people? I know they're rerunning the second season all summer, as they said after the finale, along with the DVDs arriving soonly, but still!

♣ Saw preview for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest during commercials this evening. Much love! Also saw the short preview for the Superman movie remake, however that's not as exciting.

♣ Summer dance class. Signed up, paid for, and I'm ready to go! Whoo-hoo! The weeks are shorter because summer semesters aren't as long as fall or spring semesters, however the hours for the dance class are, indeed, longer and are four days a week instead of every other day like last semester. So that's good. I start the class in approximately four weeks. Yays!
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