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Rainy weather still is occuring, and fortunately it'll go through the weekend with possible heavy wind and thunderstorms passing our area. And just in time for the holidays, too. But what I really want is a lightning show to happen, either during nightfall or daytime. While many may believe this kind of weather is gloomy and depressing, I go out and enjoy this kind of weather while I can. Because rain doesn't necessarily come very often around here. Overcast skies, sure, but very rarely does it get rainstorms - we just got to cherish these moments while they last. Because I believe that the climate is changing, and the O-Zone layer is going to slowly change our enviornment.

It appears that we will be traveling this Christmas vacation after all. But we are not going to travel by railroad tracks or by plane. Instead we will be traveling midway across the country in the car. Mainly because flying makes everything more difficult with all the security and the limitations they now have in their rule book. And taking a train, though as fun as it sounds becoming a Hogwarts student, is too expensive. Plus it would become rather uncomfortable if we're going by railroad tracks for the entire time. The only solution is to drive there. Which we've done so before; all we've got to do is to have something to keep ourselves occupied while traveling.

The route we are taking isn't the one we'd used last time. Instead if going the way we did, we shall be traveling down south to avoid major weather changes (e.g. snow storms, overcrowded highways, sleet, hail storms, rainstorms, thunderstorms, floods and so on). Since this is the time of year where many families will be going to their relatives for the holidays, there is a chance that we might run into a traffic jam - but knowing where we'll be going and how to get there, surely there'll be be no hassle.

Last night I watched the newest episode of Tru Calling, which I, personally, enjoyed from beginning to end. I liked the whole plot twist to it. In the trailer it showed drag racing and a Romeo and Juliet concept. However, the Romeo and Juliet story suddenly became the Juliet and Juliet story in the end. That is an episode that I am proud of and, no matter what anyone else says about it, this counts as my ultimate favorite one of this season. ::applauds::

Gothika was a movie I recently saw in theaters. I liked this movie, however some critics did not. They, obviously, haven't watched a lot of Law & Order to understand what was happening. I understood it, in fact I was trying to solve the mystery until the very end. Some say it was way to predictable, while I say that I enjoyed it and cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD or rental.

I will soon be seeing The Last Samurai (since I am learning about the culture of the Japanese Samurai in my English class for credit) and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, which comes out next Wednesday. But I am anxiously waiting for June 4th to roll around. :)

Hippies rule, dude.
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