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Friday Ramblings

First off, welcoming all new added friends from the Whedonverse friending meme some days ago. Hope you find enjoyment in whatever wacky or insane stuff you'll find here, or elsewhere that I may be.

Secondly, I know that the LOST finale premiered Wednesday, although I didn't watch it because I have absolutely no clue what's going on since I've been slacking in that fandom. I only get my current updates by watching the previews or reading up on who else died on the island, or who's been hooking up. Otherwise, I'm completely out-of-the-loop regarding the Big Mystery. After the two-hour finale that I didn't watch, I've attempted to find out what's been happening through reviews, yet failed miserably because the descriptions and summary recappings I've read are so complex that they don't make any kind of sense. There's something about Eko and Locke, but the mystery of why the plane crashed, and what about The Others? Do they get Walt back, if he is indeed still alive? I'm just WAY behind in this fandom, and recapped reviews aren't helping my understanding on what the hell happened.

What's strange is that even though I haven't been watching the latest season of LOST, I'm still addicted to it. Huh.

It's Friday, although there's no new Doctor Who this evening, which bites. And it's almost nearing the end of the season with Chrisopher Eccleston, and I'm praying that the Sci-Fi Channel will have the rights to air the second season with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Oh, and just a reminder that the Doctor Who 2005 series will be available to purchase on July 4th for US consumers. Yays!
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