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The Merriment of Sunday!

♣ I think I'm getting addicted to Boston Legal. It's the quirkiness that I love, oh and the theme tune as well (it's bouncy fun, people!). I mean, how often do you see attornies dress up as Batman and Robin on Halloween while having a hooker be Catwoman because they needed someone who could handle a whip? See, the quirkiness is love. So far, I'm liking the characters Alan Shore and Tara Wilson, and the friendship between Alan and Denny. They are BFFs, like seriously.

♣ So, I've been hearing plenty of interesting reviews/reactions concerning X-Men: The Last Stand from various folks, online fans and critics alike. I'm debating whether I should see it in theaters or wait until it's out for rental.

♣ Sleeping in, such a joyous thing. It is, indeed. However, waking up to neighbors blasting their music loud enough that their bass vibrates the ground? Not cool, dudes.

♣ My summer college class starts in about two weeks. Yays! *is all in glee*

♣ In conclusion, I'm hoping everyone his having a safe and nice Memorial Day Weekend. Tomorrow, I'm thinking about baking brownies, which could be my brain wanting more chocolate. But still. Me want brownies, me gonna bake them dammit! In the meantime, there seems to be tons of marathons coutesy of the holiday weekend, some of which are shows I do watch, and this is always a good thing. Criminal Intent marathon tomorrow, where right now there's a Sherlock Holmes maranthon until midnight. So, I'm definitely covered.
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