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Hello, June 1st!

Mother Nature is being extremely odd lately. Yesterday is was highly warm and humid, whereas today it's overcast with a really warm breeze that could be hazardous air which could lead to those Spare The Air warnings. This is either a sign for a climate apocalypse, or that Mother Nature is totally having another PMS attack.

In other news, I am waiting anxiously, though patiently, for my summer college class to start. That is practically the most anticipated event happening for my summer vacation. The majority of my shows are rerunning, while there's going to be new seasons for The 4400 and The Dead Zone. I've also been watching old reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos late at night, and had forgotten how hilarious that show was, especially with the commentary; it's like MST3K in a way, without Mike or Joel and the robots, or the snarking. But still, hilarity ensues!

And, it looks like there may be some warm spring-showers about now, judging from the overcastiness this afternoon. This is just fantastic. That's sarcasm, of course. I love the rain just....not rain in warm and sticky weather.
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