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Fandomosity: Jossverse (Firefly, BDH), Joss Is Boss, Charisma Carpenter, VMars

Ah, happy Saturday the 3rd of June! I'm wishing everyone a glorious day and, hopefully, wherever you are, you're staying shiny and having a great weekend.

-♠- That Makes Us Mighty: There's been a new update from the producers of Done The Impossible, which if nothing else comes up the DVD documentary will be released before July 20th, just before the Comic-Con. So, all Browncoats who have been patiently waiting for this wonderful fandom-based documentary to be in their possesion, it's almost here! Definitely shiny, shiny news.

-♠- Inara Goes SG:SG1: Morena Baccarin is interviewed about her appearance in upcoming episodes of Stargate: SG1, with brief mentionings of Firefly. This interview does contain spoilers for her role in the series, so if you're a spoilerphobe for this show stay clear. I think it's amazing that Morena is getting screentime in other things: she played in several episodes of The OC (which I've never watched, however heard she did fantastically), and is appearing in other projects. This is good for her career --- now, if only Joss would approach her for Wonder Woman, everything would just be perfect. Also, another interview with Morena (one version in German, the other translated into English), where she praises Joss Whedon as well as her time with Firefly/Serenity.

-♠- Charisma And SciFi: Charisma Carpenter's new movie, Voodoo Moon, will be premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel this Sunday, June 4th at 9/8C. Be sure to catch it! I know I'll be watching, definitely.

-♠- AI is Going Whedonverse?: In a recent article, there's some talk that the American Idol contestant, Katharine McPhee, has been contacted by Steven Spielberg and Joss Whedon, apparently looking for potential acting roles. Unknown if this rumor is actually true, I won't believe it until Joss says so himself. It seems unlikely, truth be told. From her looks she does look the typical Hollywood-type, however for the role of Wonder Woman, not so much in my eyes. However, I am biased because, hello, Morena for WW. But still, I say it's a rumor until Joss confirms it.

-♠- Kristen Bell -- The VMars Secret Weapon: This article/tabloid from Singapore discusses the phenomenon of Veronica Mars, including what makes the show special. That would be Kristen Bell's incredible acting, of course. It also talks about the cliches of normal high school behavior mixture of film noir, as used in the series. Veronica Mars is now being premiered in Singapore two years after its run in the US.
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