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"Ideally, I should've been born in the Rococo era"

♣ The other night ABC Family was airing Cruel Intentions, a movie in which I absolutely love. But I watched it just to laugh hysterically at which words they chose to substitute for the profanities and lewdness, let alone cutting out the greatest scenes ever; gotta love the wackiness that is censorship. I really ought to get that film on DVD someday, dammit.

♣ Last night Voodoo Moon premiered on the SciFi Channel, a movie starring Charisma Carpenter. While I didn't watch the entire thing, I did tape it to view for later. Here's my short-verdict of what I did see: Being that it's a SciFi Channel original movie, the pacing is somewhat slow in the beginning with not a lot of detail, and too many damn commercials. However once Charisma appeared onscreen I was immediately tuned in. It's nice seeing her in another supernatural project that isn't Buffy or Angel, and I really liked her character and her connection with the actor playing her brother. The overall concept of the plot seemed interesting, although because I haven't finished watching it all I'm still hazed about what was going on....other than there's a demon that keeps hunting Cole down and destroying all his friends, and that Heather and Cole both survived the massacre of their town when they were younger. And with a shallow note, Charisma looked beautiful in this; I loved her hair, and just her outfits she wore. But that's because hello, I'm a Charisma fan. *glees* But besides that, I thought she portrayed the character nicely without me thinking it's Cordelia Chase. I should probably watch the rest of the movie tonight, whenever I get the chance that is. Luckily I get to fastforward through the commercials, because with television-movies (and shows, for that matter) that's always the suckiest thing with advertisements interrupting at the best parts.

♣ Okay, it's like over 90 degrees outside right now. Hmm, it must be almost summertime in California....

♣ Recently, I rented and watched Kamikaze Girls. I am utterly in love with this movie, it's so adorable! If anyone has a chance to look into this fabulous film, I highly recommend checking it out. It has the absurdity and wackiness that is of the original manga-novel of eccentric pop culture references and exaggerations, yet it has the morality sweetness of the true meaning of friendship between the two oddest and unusual girls from opposite sides. Everything from the Lolita-style fashion of Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, to Momoko's naive and deadpan look at the world to Ichigo's Yanki girl motorcycle gang lifestyle and headbuttings, it's not your typical young American pop-teen movie, thank goodness. It actually has something for everyone to enjoy. Seriously, I am deeply and totally in love with this film. It may seem bizarre to those unfamiliar with Japanese cinema, but if you look past that it really is an awesome film with moral and humility lessons.

♣ What's with all the spontaneous trolling journals constructing fandom hating memes lately? Seriously, there's like several for the most popular (or most talked about) fandoms on LiveJournal alone. At first it seemed pointless, however I'm finding it amusing that nothing is being incredibly wanky. Heh. At least the comments are entertaining.

♣ In approximately one week my summer class will start. Yays!
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