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Final Order of the Phoenix Verdict

Okay, so I've finished the book. Now I've got to make some statements about the characters and what was happening throughout the book. I loved the book, it was entirely enthralling all the way through and nobody can match that up to any other story no matter how hard they try.

Harry - though many people whom I have read reviews from have said that he was just a tad over-the-top with his anger, or that he has emotional problems, I just got to say that I believe that he has a right to be angry. He's a fifteen-year-old boy going through lots of changes, and I don't just mean hormonal either. Although it is typical for a teenage boy to get angry and lose his temper the majority of the time. Harry's life experiences aren't like other teen boy experiences. In fact, Harry reminds me of me not too long ago, so I can really relate to him.

Fred & George - I was highly amused with their pranks and jokes on Umbridge. Honestly, I don't think anyone else could've pulled that off expect those two. It was hilarious how they escaped right in front of her. My favorite line: "Give her hell for us, Peeves" to Peeves the Poltergist. Damn, that was too funny!

Luna Lovegood - when I first met her in the book, I was just dying with laughter. I'm guessing that J.K. Rowling wanted a comic relief character that would loosen up the book just a little (which in this book that I call my favorite, it has it's depressing moments). The parts I will never forget are when she was on the train, and she was reading the newspaper upside down ... right then I could tell that she wasn't like any other character.

Other favorite part of mine was when she had that giant lion hat on her head before the Quidditch game. That was just too funny for words. I also liked it in the end when she was talking to Harry one-on-one, it was just a sweet friendship talk that I liked. Everyone treats Luna like she's some weird freak, but Harry understands how that feels. I really like her a lot, and I hope we see more of her in the next two books.

Snape - Now, I've got to admit that I am a Snape fan. I am a *huge* Snape fan and this book explains it all. Just the fact that we saw another side of Snape was just incredible and just so realistic, I fell in love. When we saw his most painful memory into his past, I just realized that he was the outcasted kid; an outsider that rarely got noticed and was always hidden in the shadows. He was unpopular and kept to himself....until he got picked on. But when I saw the small memories that Harry saw, even the one-sentence ones, I just wanted to give Snape a hug.

There was one about his parents fighting and cursing angrily at one another and him as a small boy crouched in the corner crying.......can you just saw "AWWW"?!? *sniffs* I know there's not a lot of people who fancy Snape like a lot of people in the fandom do, but I think in this book it justifies a lot. He's not an evil guy, but he's also not a total nice guy either - so he could go either way. Snape is dark and mysterious, which is what I think is good for the book.

Umbridge (or her *real* name, Umbitch) - Somehow, she was the most irritating, annoying, and infruiating character in this book! I hated her, aside from her girlie high-pitched voice and her toad-like face and her goddamn classroom rules ("RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU MUST SPEAK!!"), she was evil from the moment she appeared at the hearing in the Ministry of Magic. I hated the way she talked, the way she tried to run things, and the way she tried to manipulate others from inside the school.

But the thing that really got to me, which I'm sure got to a lot of people, was when she gave Harry those "lines" to do in detention. When I read that scene for the first time, I was literally swearing out that bitch so bad, I wanted to jump inside the book and wring her fucking neck so bad - that and slam her head with a sledgehammer repeatedly. (Or I could get the Terminator to do that for me! *laughs devilishly*)

Am I the only one who thought Umbridge was just like the Grandmother in Flowers in the Attic? Seriously, her punishments and her rules and the way she tried to take control over Hogwarts, it seemed as if The Grandmother was resurrected into Umbridge. Just reading about her giving Harry to do those "lines" made me think when The Grandmother poured tar on Cathy's head for punishment because she didn't want to cut her long hair. But in the end of OotP, I think Umbitch got what she deserved. *smiles wickedly*

Sirius Black - Sadness ensues even after I read the end. *wipes tear away* How could that have happened to him?! But though they say he's dead, I wholehearted believe that he's still alive. Just like Luna said at the very end to Harry about the veil in the archway. I still have reason to believe, in the words of Grissom on CSI: "People lie, evidence doesn't." We never saw a body of Sirius in the end, so therefore, we don't have reliable evidence to prove that he is actually gone. *crosses fingers* I hope that Sirius returns in the next two books! Even though he might be gone of the physical living, there might be a way for him to come back. Harry needs him in his life, as does everyone that reads the book. WE NEED SNUFFLES BACK!!!!

Professor McGonagall - Even though I wasn't really a huge fan of McGonagall's before, this new book definitely changed my mind completely. The way she handled Umbridge like that? Man, I knew she was strict but, damn! And I liked the way she told Umbridge off when she was giving Harry his Career Advice thingy. I liked the way she defended him into becoming an Auror, that to me says McGonagall's all right. She may be strict, but she doesn't fool around when someone's interigating her students - especially Harry. And she very warmhearted with standing her ground. There were hilarious times, too. "It unscrews the other way." I was laughing out loud at this! She was no doubt very cool in this book.

Ministry of Magic - Honestly, they are a fucked up corrupted government who should've had someone else in charge a long, long time ago. Fudge is too goddamn stupid and ignorant to be running the wizarding government, even though it went into his thick skull about Voldemort in the end. Still, their government is pretty fucked up and they should have someone else running it.

Percy Weasley - Though I used to like him in the other books, this goes to show how much determination he has to make a total ass of himself in the end. Even though we never saw his reaction to the Ministry finding out that Voldemort has returned, I think he pretty much shit himself when he found out that Harry was right all along. The letter he sent to Ron, him at the hearing looking so damn eager, and in Dumbledore's office...he's just too ambitious to impress Cornenlious Fudge that he doesn't think right. Tell me this, how come someone so smart and intelligent like Percy can be so stupid and dumb to fall for the Ministry with a bunch of idiots? It never really made sense to me.

All in all, the book was interesting, well-written, and intriguing to me as all the other books were. But this one was much darker, more suspenseful, creepier, depressing and has more mature themes than the others did. Was this book better than the others? Yes. Am I looking forward for the next one? Oh, fucking yes!

J.K. Rowling still hasn't lost her touch with connecting with the characters, making the story have twisted plotlines and disturbing discoveries which makes any reader, young or old, enchanted through its words. Let's just hope that we get the sixth book here faster than this one. Because I really don't want to wait three more fucking years for the next book to come out. Until then, I'm going to read all five books over and over as well as anticipating for the third movie teaser to come out (this November!) and the movie that opens in June of 2004. YAY! *giggles insanely*

That's my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix verdict. Until next time.
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