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There's no place like home....

It's been a week since we came back, and it's been that time exactly since I hadn't updated. But I am back and there's much to tell about our wonderful journey.

Traveling for three days inside a car is tiring. Although my sister and myself keep ourselves busy with our laptops, books, and music to keep ourselves occupied, it got exhausting by the end of the day. And our main goal was to get as far as we could until we could travel no more. It was hard, because we left between 7-8am and we drove the entire day until about 9pm in the evening. The other troubles we had were finding a motel to stay in. However, we got through those three days - luckily hitting no weather trouble - and arrived to our destination in one piece.

Missouri is a place where a few other of our relatives live, and we've been there more than once before. But it was hell for me because, just as I predicted, I got sick once I arrived there. I was sneezing and coughing and felt miserable the first day we arrived. But this wasn't the first time this has happened. The last time we vacationed to visit our aunt and uncle I got sick there as well. I believe there is something there that I am allergic to; the weather changes from California to Missouri and possibly because it was allergy season there too, because of rain and such. Which makes sense, since they have a lot more green and forest and wood areas unlike where we live. But I'm curious to how I am now exposed to this allergic reacton now and not when I was younger? It's a mystery even to everyone else.

However, I did get medicine and even though I wasn't all cured from the illness I felt somewhat better the enjoy the rest of our two-week stay.

My aunt had given birth to our newest baby cousin who is now I suspect a few months old. He was cute, but the only thing that got to me was the crying and the fussing he was doing nearly nonstop during the day; at night he was fine, but he was really crying and screaming during the day, it kind of got a little annoying after a while. But I survived.

The main reason I was there, however, was too the the animals, the puppies and the cats. My only chore to do while I was there was to let the dogs out every once and a while and to pay them a lot of attention (because my aunt is busy taking care of our baby cousin 24-7). I could tell they were missing the love and attention that they used to get, but were overly excited when me and my sister came and paid them loads of attention. The puppies names were: Kaylar (either we call her Miss Kaylar or Miss Miss), Taz (deserves the name he's got for his wild personality), and Caeser. Three adorable dogs that I don't mind spending a lot of time with. Then there are the cats: Calvin (nicknamed Kitty Calvin), Sheena, Mia (nicknamed Mamma Mia - but she's a little afraid and hides down in the basement, but seemed okay when I took the dogs out daily and let me pet her and such), and there Bandit, the little kitten of Mia, but I never got to see Bandit. In fact, we've never seen Bandit ever. She's hiding in the basement, and I don't think we'll ever see Bandit in the future unless a miracle happens.

To sum up our stay, it was okay aside from my constant sickness. I got to see my favorite uncle who is the coolest ever. I swear, unlike my other uncles, he's pretty much laidback, relaxed and he fucking rocks! Other than that, it was pretty weird to see these other relatives that I had no clue we had, and even stranger when one asked if they could see us again before we went back home. Odd as it sounded to me and my sister, it was a major surprise that some of our relatives would even consider spending time with us. Yeah, some family we are, right?

It was heartbreaking to leave my aunt and uncle in the end, because my aunt said that we've helped so much. And even though it never felt like it, I understand how she feels what with a new addition to the family and all. She cried when we were leaving the following morning we were going to travel to go back home. I wanted to cry too, but I was too sick and exhausted to. But I felt terrible for leaving her all alone there. But I was starting to get homesick already, as well as internet withdrawals, so I guess it was all for the best that we had to go back home.

It was a wild trip when we traveled back home; incidents with people trying to break into our motel in the middle of the night, snowstorms while we were traveling through Arizona and New Mexico and getting the wrong motel room that was full of painter supplies. But all-in-all, it was fun and I hope to do something like this again. Perhaps with more preparation than what we had.

Oh, we also saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King while we were staying there. But I shall save that review for another time, for I am exhausted and must get to bed.

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