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Fandomosity: Jossverse (BtVS, Firefly), OotP, CWTV

Good Friday the 23rd of June to everyone! I hope this week has been eventful to all, and wishing the best for the weekend. Also, this is a day of celebration because today is Joss Whedon's birthday! So, happy birthday to the wonderful mastermind and bloody genius, the geeker-friendly fanboy that we all love.

-♠- "Make Life Better With Blue Sun": This is more of a Browncoat connection than anything, but has the marketing production of Blue Sun been taken to a level of reality? Completely irrelevent to the 'verse, but the mysterious coinicidence continues to perplex the mind....let's just hope there's no creepifying men with blue hands, or subliminal messages through television or computer screens, with these Blue Sun folks.

-♠- Convention Time: Morena Baccarin joins the SuperComic Fest on August 19th through the 20th at the Crown Plaza Secaucus in Secaucus, NJ.

-♠- Questions For Original Buffy Summers: Kristy Swanson, the first who played Buffy Summers in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, was asked a Joss-related question of the topic about another Buffy movie in combination with the television series, like they'd done with Highlander. Her reply was: "Wow, that'd be interesting. I don't know. That's a Joss Whedon question. It's his baby." I'd personally like to see this happen, actually, for it would be quite a trip to see the Scooby Gang with the original Buffy Summers from the filmverse. That definitely would be interesting, indeed.

-♠- Lucius Malfoy Talks: Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, recently and briefly discussed his part of the OotP filming. Also note that Order of the Phoenix will most likely be released next year around this time; speaking of which, there's been a small featured clippet from the new movie on a BBC comercial which is featured here, and screencaptures here.

-♠- New Network, Same Shows: CW promotional video, featuring a montage of this fall's lineup, including clips of Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Smallville, and of course Veronica Mars. There's also my favorite line (well, one of my favorite lines) from Dick Casablancas: "You're like rich dude Kryptonite, Veronica." Hee! Be sure to catch new updates on CWTV's official website.
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