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Saturday Heatwaves. Oy Vey.

So, apparently our weather has gotten back to its regular schedule of blazing heat that once going outside even for a split second, you can literally feel the heat particals in the air circulating around you. Seriously, I kid you not, it feels like being inside a sauna turned up to the highest setting you can go (that, or feeling like you've entered Hell and Satan's breathing down your neck; whichever metaphor works best). I'm actually wondering why our fields haven't been caught on fire yet because of this massive heatwave. Thank goodness for air conditioners, along with iced-water and ice cream to cool down to.

Although there's something about the summertime heat that makes one feel completely lethargic. Of course, it doesn't help that last night I stayed up later than I should've watching reruns of Three's Company and Stanford and Son on TVLand.
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