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Random Things About Today

1. Don't you just love it when people around your neighborhood are setting off firecrackers, four days before July 4th even arrives? Ah, just hearing those whistles and cracklings in the middle of night just leaves a flutter in your heart! On a serious note, while they sound pretty on the evening of, it definitely is annoying several times a day. Thank goodness there's laws in our area where we can't have the big booming sky-rocket kind of fireworks, or else car alarms would be going off, like whoa.

2. Tonight's episode of The Suite Life was funny, however I was distracted by London's outfit thinking, "I must have her wardrobe!" Seriously, in this new episode her dress, and her boots and her hair = gorgeous. Then again, most of the things that London Tipton wears are absolutely fabulous anyway. So, yes, I want her entire wardrobe.

3. Apparently, Hugh Laurie's appearance on The Actor's Studio has been announced to be aired on the 31st of July. Another month we must wait, and hopefully it won't be postponed again.
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