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Fandomosity: Doctor Who, Jewel Staite, HPverse, Kuu

It's a Wednesday Fandomosity postage! I hope all my good US friends had a lovely Fourth of July celebration yesterday, and for those who are non-Americans or didn't celebrate at all I still hope you all had a lovely day as well.

-♠- The Doctor's New Companion: As many fans should know, Billie Piper is retiring her role as Rose Tyler on the new series of BBC's Doctor Who; whether she'll reappear in future episodes or series is unknown. So who will join the Doctor in his fine adventures? According to recent reports, the actress Freema Agyeman will become The Doctor's new time-travel partner in crime, Martha Jones. Whilst working side-by-side on the series with the Tenth Doctor, this announcement has unsurprisingly sparked up a nasty bit of wankery in the DW fandom, leading to racial slurs and "Martha isn't a name for a black woman" kind of comments. Oh, it's just amusing and leads to many facepalms and dramatic sighs because in all honesty, it's because The Doctor is getting a new companion since Billie is departing from the show. I loved Rose too folks, but this is a little ridiculous, yeah?

-♠- Kaylee Frye Speaks Yet Again!: Jewel Staite updates her personal website in which she describes her finished film called "The Tribe" (note: not the television series The Tribe, but a brand new film of the same name), along with other fun stuff and her appearance at the Toronto Ti-Con this upcoming weekend on July 7-9!

-♠- The Weird Wyrd Sisters: Although losing the first court case against the WB, the Winnipeg folk group continues their battle with Warner Brothers for using their band name in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film. Granted I've never heard of them until this legal issue came up, but I seem to think this goes just a tad overboard just for their rightful claim as musicians as it's quoted at the bottom of the link.

-♠- Juicy Kuu: Koda Kumi has a brand new commercial out featuring her brand new song, "JUICY"; it's also a promotion for the necklace made by GemCEREY called the "Binary Face Necklace" as seen in the CM and on their website, which is on sale now. Hopefully the official promotional video of the song will be available shortly. She's also featured in the Vodafone CM, featuring another new song, "Ningyo-Hime".
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