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Three Shiny Things of the Day

1. Yesterday I watched the Firefly marathon that appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel. It's irresistible to watch, naturally, even though I already own the DVD boxset. Anyway, during commericals there was, to my utter delight, a preview for Dead Like Me. That's right folks, Dead Like Me will be syndicated on the SciFi Channel, starting July 18th. Whee, I could barely contain my excitement once seeing that! Firefly, Dark Angel, Doctor Who and Dead Like Me? Dude, my love beamed ten times more for this channel, like you wouldn't believe. Of course, because DLM was a Showtime series they will have to edit some things, mainly censoring the profane language. Otherwise, hee!

2. Secondly, sending lovely Happy Birthday wishes to catchmelike! Have a wonderful day of celebration, and even if you don't get a real life TARDIS which, by the way, would be completely awesome! you'll always have the Doctor Who DVDs (and hopefully you'll get more DW thingies and other goodies to fulfill this day of happiness, as well). *hugs* Again, happy birthday darling!

3. I just realized I only have one more week left of my dance class. One freaking week! Time really does fly by when you're having fun. Le sigh.
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