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Tuesday, the Satellite of Love

Well, that figures. I knew that since I was going to have dance class that I was to miss the premiere of Dead Like Me on the SciFi Channel this evening. But once arriving at the college it was announced that class had been cancelled. Ah well, I've already seen and have the pilot episode in my possession anyway. Still, would've been nice to have seen it on television again. This actually reminds me to purchase the DVDs for DLM's first and second seasons, instead of renting them disc by disc. Oh, and has anyone else seen those commercials previewing the Who Wants To Be A Superhero? Doesn't that look like cosplay gone horribly wrong? Because it totally does.

But, Psych owns me. Fun and hilarious. Hee.

Also, I've been rearranging my icons. So, GIP! Because I love Namie, and Namie with her ickle doggie is just so adorable! Thus, she belongs as my shiny default for now.

Continuing onward, here's a little fun questionaire from mondaysabitch.

Comic Book Geeks Unite

1. Which comic company is your favorite?
Definitely Dark Horse Comics. Publishing such fantastic graphic novels like Sin City, along with the Buffy/Angel, Fray and the Serenity: Those Left Behind comic series. I also have a soft spot for Top Cow Productions, which have published my favorite Witchblade series and were licensed to create a Tomb Raider comic series, which also crossed over with Witchblade. As for manga series, VIZ Media which publishes Angel Sanctuary.

2. Whose is your favorite character(s) and why?
With the ones stated above, I like hardass characters that hold their own ground, with hints of vulnerability but are still hardcore. Like in Sin City there's Miho, silent but deadly and with a universe within Basin City you've got to suspend your sense of reality to really appreciate the kinds of things she can do. Sara Pezzini, the main protagonist from Witchblade. Sara's hardstrong yet has a delicate and vulnerable side, torn between her destiny and real life but still holds her head up high through the difficulties. I also like the characters of Ian Nottingham and Kenneth Irons, for their mysterious roles throughout the series.

3. Do you prefer villains or heroes?
Protagonists. This term is often misused because it doesn't necessarily mean one is a hero per se, but they aren't a villain either. They are in the gray, and I prefer having characters to leave a bit of mystery. Main villains are entertaining, because there's a morbid fascination with wanting to see how malicious they can be and how our protagonist can defeat them.

4. If you could be any comic book character who would you be (established or imagined)?
For an established character, I'd have to say Miho from Sin City. Rollarblading on telephone wires and using freaking kickass abnormal weapons like shurikens and a pair of wakizashis, including a wonderful longbow among others. Plus, she has that silent and deadly persona, and is swift like whoa. Though if I were to use this as in an imagined created character, I would be just like Miho except wield the Witchblade at the same time. This, my friends, would make my character freaking invincible.

5. Comic Books to Movies: Do you prefer it when the movie sticks to the comic story line or strays off with their own creative license?
Well, it generally depends on where the original intentions for the prodction are heading towards, really. I would prefer if movie adaptations would stick strictly to the original plotlines, however I sometimes like it when they do add a little pizzazz and intrigue not from the original works. Like, an extra storyline or two. I'm definitely not an elitist or get nitpicky with those kinds of changes. Because really, has there ever been a comic book-to-movie adaptation, besides Sin City mind you, that was completely faithful to the original works? So, my personal thought is that I would like the film versions to actually stay with the major plotlines, however if they add something here and there I wouldn't mind. Though sometimes it doesn't necessarily work out when adding something else, while sometimes those little changes actually are better than the originals. So, it depends particularly with the director, the actors and the script and how it all turns out in the end to satisfy audiences, both the diehard fans and newcomers alike.

Finally, I want to wish 43100 a very happy birthday! Hope you had a day filled with happiness and joy, sweetie.
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