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Three Random Things About Today

1. Did chores today, and finished them too! Yays! Top of the list was laundry, which I washed, sorted and put away. Secondly, I reorganized my bookshelves and DVD collection. Thirdly, I studied for my dance class final, which I took this evening. Fourthly, I watched The Daily Show (hey, that's a chore okays?) Fifth and final thing, I dealt with the trashcans and the dishes. All done for the day, now for tomorrow that's another story. Each day another chore must be done, that's just how life works.

2. Koda Kumi has two brand new PVs out already! "With Your Smile" and "I'll Be There" from her 4 hot wave album. Shiny! Very lovely PVs from Kuu, and she looks pretty in both.

3. Question!: Regarding YouTube, has anyone else been having trouble with it lately? Because there's something funky happening with me. While the picture seems to be working fine, I don't have any volume control, like at all. The volume panel is just gone, and all the sound I hear is hardly audible and I cannot control it by adjusting the computer volume. At first I thought the website was working on something, so I've been patiently waiting. However, after some days I see others are having no trouble viewing videos while I'm still in the rut of having no volume. Has anyone else been having trouble with this, or am I the only unfortunate person effected by this? *is all confused*

ETA: YouTube is finally working! Yes, victory. Huzzah.
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