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Shiny Thursday!

Hee, today apparently went better than I had expected it to be. I mean, I expected it to be like any other day that I've had however, it turned out to be a wonderfully happy day. I cannot stop smiling and spreading my glee around. There were some incidents that could've destroyed my mood, but it didn't and I'm thankful for that.

♣ Firstly, there's the potluck during dance class this evening. We had a gigantic load of food brought in, including ice cream, different kinds of pizzas, mixtures of fruits and juices and tons more. We also watched a video including different performances of advanced dancers over the years. My favorites included an Asian Fan Dance which I found very inspirational (even if some of the class didn't, unfortunately) and some modern dances. There were hip-hop and freestyles too, which were good and upbeat. But I liked the oriental dances a little better, for the style and movements used to match perfectly with the music and it just....flowed beautifully.

Preview for Battlestar Galactica's third season, which aired during the premiere of SciFi's new series Eureka. The new season will start this October, which does seem rather long for waiting after seeing this awesome preview. Psyched, I definitely am.

♣ Koda Kumi's final PV, "Ningyo-Hime", has arisen. Kuu has made music videos for all her songs on her single-album, 4 hot wave, all of which have continuous storytelling. It's a very unique way of promotion, let alone having each released in one single week. I really like this song, as it has more rockish rhythm and the video is amazingly gorgeous, but with Koda Kumi that's a given really. It's a mixture of a lot of things, but it's still a great video. I might be thinking about doing an analysis on each one of these PVs, because hey. They are telling a story in an artful format. ♥

♣ In recognition of my newest favorite fandom, killertofu has listed 50 reasons why everyone should watch the new Doctor Who. Seriously, it's a kickass list and if you aren't caught up with the hype surrounding the Doctor Who glee, this you should take into consideration. Read and love, my lovely people. I mean, there's time traveling for goodness sakes. What's not to love?

♣ Hee, Dick Casablancas on That's So Raven. I still get a kick out of that. *smiles with glee*
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