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Oh my goodness, it's sweltering outside. The passed few days it reached almost over 110° which is very typical weather for California, however it's reached a new level of humidity. It's almost unbearable to even spend several minutes outside without feeling the urge to pour cold water over yourself. The heat is so incredibly thick, it feels like a blanket smothering you to death. So, our solution, that has been requested just recently by the weather news, is limiting electical usages to prevent rolling blackouts. Other than using the computing and doing laundry, we've been doing just that.

Anyway, that's basically the highlight of the weekend really, besides adventuring the outside which includes going to Borders for reading necessities and registering for fall semester. I'm also preplanning a day to see Lady in the Water, possibly Friday or sometime this upcoming weekend. But I will see it while it's still in theaters!

I just realized, now I can watch Dead Like Me because summer classes are over! Not to mention Dark Angel, too. Yays!
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