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Friendslist Adoration, Part 1

Ah, catchmelike, what can I say about the dearest Shirley? Well, everything you post and write about either go from fandom obsessions and squeeage to random and spontaneous joys. That is something I completely love. Even if it's just a few lines in an updated entry, you give off this bouncy and overjoyed kind of energy, I can literally feel your smile and glee from my monitor just by reading your posts. Fandom is your love, everything from Firefly to The 4400 to Doctor Who, you are always jumping with giddiness over some kind of fandom, either old or newly discovered. And yes, I do enjoy listening to how you resist buying old school teenybopper merchandise and such...we all have our moments of teenybopperishisms, whether we deny it or not. Oh, and I just loved the Mal/Simon picspams while they lasted, along with the hilarious commentary for them. Hee! Um, and I'm totally jealous that you get all this fandom goodies, like a TARDIS cake for your birthday and autographs from celebrities. Gosh, girl. Also, I love how friendly you are to everyone, regardless if you know them really well. I am just tickled pink with your conversations with others, as well; the silliness that comes out, it all makes me smile (this includes some of your journal tags too, hee!)

And your current Billie Piper header right now is incredibly irresistible. Just, thought you'd like to know that. ♥

slartibartfast, we don't chat all that much however this doesn't mean I haven't noticed your posts on my friendspage. Sometimes you write about personal things or everyday happenings in your life that I am unfamiliar with, and while I don't always comment I do read those entries anyway. I'm sometimes hesitant when it comes to personal life entries, because sometimes I feel it's intruding in private territory. I like your mixture of icons, especially the Silent Bob animation rocking out because, hey, I love Silent Bob! And your moodtheme with Simon and River just turns me into melty goo. I think you're a cool and interesting person, and very friendly from what I've read of your journal. We should totally chat more after this, because it seems we're missing out on the totally awesomeness of each other! *g*

What can I say about the absolutely sweetest, most kindhearted and gentle girl I have encountered? carlyinrome, my dear Lamia, you certainly are the diamond in the rough and one of a kind. Seriously, everything you write is filled with heartwarming kindness and lovability, I am just overjoyed to have had the pleasure of encountering you because really, you light up even my darkest and gloomy days. I love how whenever a friend is down you always pull through by being by their side, using words of comfort. To me, that's the heart of a true friend. Hearing about your absolutely love for Carly Pope just fills my heart with giddiness, because Carly is hardly acknowledged enough in the world of celebrityisms and I swear if you and her don't hook up and have wonderfully hot and passionate lovemaking, I am totally playing matchmaker so it'll be a reality, mark my words girl. I love your picspams of her and others, too. More picspammage woman! Given from how your express yourself freely in your personal journal, your personality is warm and welcoming especially to newcomers and friends from other places and always have something nice to say about everyone. You just have this sweet and generous personality, and that's a quality that is rare in most people these days.

And overall, you are just completely and absolutely cute with words! You seem to say exactly the right things that fills an empty heart with an overabundance of joy. Lamia, darling, you are just a sweetheart at heart --- and yes, that rhymed intentionally --- and I simply adore you for that. Thank you for being there not just for me, but for others as well. Adorable, you totally are. If we were RL friends, you'd be the bestest of the best. ♥

That is all for right now, as I am doing three at a time. If there's anyone who'd like to have a little bit of virtual loving said about them and hasn't signed up, since I practically love everyone of whom I'm friends with, comment to this post and I shall do so!
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