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Random Saturday Happenings

1. For the passed couple of days I've been having a Bones marathon, watching all the episodes in high-quality. Just to refresh my addiction to this show, and to get ready for the new season which should be starting this upcoming fall schedule (and hopefully it won't clash with all my other fandoms). It's really a fascinating show, the weekly mysteries and the character chemistry and developments, and I just love Brennan and her straightforward manner and intelligence despite how socially inept she may be. Not to mention the incredibly handsome David Boreanaz playing Booth, sarcastic and fun with great chemistry between him and Brennan. This show equals so much love on many different levels. I will be posting reviews starting from the pilot episode, possibly before the second season starts; if not, I'll be overlapping written reviews from newer and older episodes. The more the merrier, I say. Hee.

2. Thank goodness the weather is cooling down, though gradually, since it's becoming more tolerable to stand outside without massive heat waves. Some days it's under 100o, while other days it rises again. It's getting ridiculous, and there's been reported heat-related deaths all over California. Plus, the State Faire is arriving and if the heat does tend to rise, it'll be completely dangerous to consider even stepping outside. But thankfully, from the reports it seems to be gradually ceasing. Which is good.

3. Lately I've been testing the water for another new show that just premiered on Lifetime: Angela's Eyes. Now, I have no idea where I stand with this show. It's interesting because of the storylines, however I sense this as a mixture of Crossing Jordan and the character of Temperance Brennan from Bones, with a load of personal issues to deal with. Combining only the two episodes shown, she's been getting together with a guy who at first didn't really understand her trust issues, which she has a lot of personal drama with that considering her parents are traitors of the country, and then got back together with him. In the latest episode more trust issues arose and he broke it off because she has to deal with them, and Angela begging for a "second chance" even though he already gave her one in the pilot episode. There's also the family thing, where there's something special about a family time capsule box that possibly has secrets about her parents that she discovered was dug up before she got there, where she suspects it is her brother who apparently returns and although gives no straight answer, there's another hidden meaning about this. Oh, and her father is in prison and her mother is elsewhere and she refuses to be in contact with her.

Again, I say this, it's a shitload of drama and personal character issues Angela definitely has; then again, it is being shown on Lifetime. I didn't like how everything just exploded in the first episode without having things gradually be revealed, like what Veronica Mars does. Though Angela does have interesting insights to some things, like being able to tell when a person lies or other techniques she uses, she does have serious trust issues that are all connected with her family history. More specifically, with her parents. So, my opinion about this show in general? It's interesting, though it seems there's no moderation on what is revealed --- which I think too much as been revealed about the character and her problems than there should've been especially for the first two episodes. Hell, even for the first episode. But it's still worth looking into. I'll make my final judgement after a few more episodes and where this all leads.

Now, I shall return to my Bones marathon! Yays. I think I'll have a Supernatural marathon after this.
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