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Fandomosity: SciFi (SG1, 4400), Jossverse (BtVS), VMars

Happy Sunday, July 30th! I hope everyone is having a great weekend of relaxation and/or vacation time this summer. Also a reminder that Dead Like Me will be airing on Tuesday's at 7:00pm and Dark Angel on Monday's at 7:00pm on the SciFi Channel; both syndicated, and both are top-notch series.

-♠- Registered Companion at the Stargate: It's been well-known that Morena Baccarin has joined the cast of Stargate:SG1, and here's information and promotional pictures of the seventh episode of its tenth season, "Counterstrike", where her character, Adria, is introduced. Although the site's in German, spoilers are within the article of what the episode contains. Morena looks positively gorgeous, and it'll be interesting to see her play a completely different role. However I'm puzzled to hear from various people that she looks unrecognizable; personally speaking, I knew it was her once I scanned those pictures. But perhaps that's because I've seen Morena with her hair up before in interviews and other photoshoots. The outfit looks intriguing, something Inara-esque, and her eyes are indeed red. Keep an eye out for this episode, SG:SG1 watchers! Morena's scheduled for several more episodes, as well. Also, there's been a recent Q&A with Morena, which does have some Firefly/Serenity things and her discussing her role for SG1.

-♠- Connecting the Dots: An interesting article of understanding and looking at religion, using the story of David and Goliath, and connections through the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie.

-♠- The Truth Is Out There: Another reminder especially for those The 4400 watchers out there, Summer Glau will be reprising her role as Tess Doerner tonight on the USA Network. Full episode synopsis and preview on the website.

-♠- Go Pirates!: From Neptune Pirate Radio, interviews with Michael Muhney, Ryan Hansen, and Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars at Comic Con. Spoilers alert! Though nothing completely major, there are some minor information revealed about season three. Those wary of these spoilers may want to avoid reading the interviews. But as an un-spoilery note, after reading these interviews it can be said that these actors are just simply amazing. Answering the questions, joking around with each other and to the fans. So hilarious! If I ever get a chance to, I'd like to meet these guys, the entire cast even. They sound like a nice bunch of folks, particularly how they interact with each other.
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