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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

1. So, apparently my love for Hugh Laurie shot up after seeing his appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio earlier. Though it did seem relatively short compared to others, then again it is only an hour-long show and they possibly had to cut things out from the original taping. Or they'll have a two-hour special like they did with Robin Williams or something. Either way, just seeing those clips with Hugh and Stephen Fry and his acting role on Blackadder. It was a satisfiying hour to watch, and I am grateful I did. Hugh Laurie is a wonderful actor, talented, very humble and intelligently-spoken.

2. Finished watching all the Bones episodes; an exceptional season to an intriguing and fascinating series. I'm actually considering two other marathons on my list: Supernatural or Battlestar Galactica mini-series. I'll end up watching both eventually before the weekend, of course. Oh, and I also watched Act Zero from PGSM, as it was the only episode I hadn't seen of the series. I'll write a thorough review for it later.

3. Concerning weather and temperature conditions, things are starting to cool off. Again, gradually since it's still Californian summer weather and it's still warm, but it's better than it had been. We've been having breezes cooling off our area, which is always nice after massive heat waves. So all is good, for now.
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