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Friendslist Adoration, Part 2

aliasagent. Although I don't comment on all your posts I do, in fact, read them all whenever I can. Personally, I find your entries enjoyable to read even if I cannot reply to them all. Especially when you're fawning over Doctor Who or Firefly, or any other fandom that we share. Speaking of which, I adore your icons and find how fascinating they all are whenever you make a post. Also, regarding one of your recent postages, I also adore the Ninth Doctor (which is kind of biased because I haven't seen enough of the Tenth Doctor to make a judgement, but's the Doctor!) I love anything relating to Doctor Who, just like my liking of anything Joss Whedon, and your posts are the combination of both. Indeed, you are such an interesting individual, accepting and nice, and I am glad you have you friended. *g*

You're truly inspirational, lodessa. I'm also not a huge commenter to your journal, though I must say that your writing is so completely profound and thorough that sometimes there's no need to have a response (even though I know I should, since giving a proper response to a post is the courteous thing to do). I definitely admire how you place your words into a thorough post, even if it's just real life situations or your opinions about fandom or otherwise. Also, I admire your admiration for the lovely character of Weevil and how we both bounce off speculations over episodic/seasonal theories over Veronica Mars. I love speculating and discussing things about my favorite ongoing fandoms, and VMars is one in which we can both relate to. I am more than pleased to have you as a friend on my friendslist, and hopefully once season three starts up for VMars we'll have some more to discuss and theorize about.

Ah, the absoute lovely morbidmuse, you certainly are a doll. Seriously, while you don't post that often which I fully understand, I love having conversations with you. Every time you post, you always have something interesting to mention about your real life happenigs; whether exciting or an ordeal that you just have to get off your chest, or ask for advice or what-have-you. It's always a thrill to have a discussion with you, and I have a joy reading your journal (your header and moodtheme still catch my eye and that, my friend, is definitely a good thing; yay for QaF eyecandy!) Love, love, love. That's all I have to offer whenever you post something, because reading anything from you is always a pleasure. We share loves for many things, including the lovely RENT and Joss Whedony goodness. Really, you are the awesomest of the awesome, and for that you get a shiny red heart! :D
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