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Holy Multifandoms, Batman!

So, apparently there's going to be a new television series premiering this fall which I am either interested or intrigued by what I've read, heard about or seen from previews. This may or may not cause a rift in my fandom-watching because, honestly, too many fandoms to keep up can be gigantically a bitch. Considering I also have, you know, schoolwork to get through and I do have a full-schedule of that as well.

First and foremost is probably the most fascinating of them all, Heroes which will begin on the 25th of September on the NBC network. Having seen those short and vague television previews I was preplexed about what it was all about, and it wasn't until I saw a commercial preview featuring Ali Larter, an actress I dearly like, that I finally decided that I couldn't wait any longer. Looking up the information online, I'm finding the premise to be very intriguing. Previews are generally creepifying, if not morbidly interesting, and it could possibly become a new fandom added to my list.

For the others I'm just going to have to test that water when they do, indeed, give their series debut.

In other news, earlier something quite amusing happened earlier this evening. Our neighbor from across the street was outside working on his car or doing other outside yardwork and he had his radio tuned into the Spanish station. I didn't mind that at all, since I love music of all different kinds and I do enjoy listening to Spanish music, however he had his stereo blasting. Almost so loud that you could hear the words clearly from inside the house. It was amusing for the most part, however I wondered how long it was going to be before someone called the police on them for having it that loud. Seriously, the volume could've set off car alarms if it had been turned up just a notch more.
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