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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

1. Eventful in taking care of daily and necessary chores: dishes, loads of laundry which is still a work in progress but almost done with, and I'm attempting to clean the dust that has invaded my room for Lord knows how long. This weekend I plan on vacuuming the entire house, also preplanning my school supplies because college starts almost soon now, and when it does everything gets jumbled up with time and cramming for getting assignments done within the very first week. I already have a list of things I need. Yeah, no more procrastinating for this girl, nuh-uh.

2. Okay, just recently I went to Borders and, lo and behold, I saw Carnivàle season two already in stock --- for $100! So, I checked online at the Borders/Amazon website and they have it for $63.27; lower in price, but still way too much to spend at this moment in time. Hopefully it'll go down around Christmas or so. But damn, I really want the second season gorrammit. Oh well, at least it's out!

3. I desperately want to see Step Up, because the premise is about dancing and for me, being a dancer myself, I find immediate intrigue. Plus, the trailer is completely sizzling hot.
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