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Friendslist Adoration, Part 3

What can I say about you, secondstar? First of all, you are definitely energetic in all your posts. I cannot think of anything else to describe of you other than that, because each time you make a post about whatever I can only imagine bounciness coming from it. Even if they're not that of the joyful natural, all I see in my head are things animated from your style of writing. I giggle whenever you mention your friending meme addiction, which you shamelessly have. I love the amount of icons you have, in addiction I really like your moodtheme. I adore your current working in the theater as a scenic artist; although I don't comment on all of them, I really do like your picture posts of the work you've done for the theater, and the actual performances of the finished products. It's an amazing talent you have, and hopefully one day your dream career will come true. , you are very kind and friendly towards everyone, regardless how often they comment, and you're always welcoming of new friends. Oh, and I am so pleased you've finally gotten into Veronica Mars; I love the fact that you got addicted even when viewing one episode that was mid-second season, which is amazing. So, I am glad to have you on my list of online friends. ♥

First of all, I really like your username: concise. It just makes me giggle, because I'm like 12 again, and it's completely hilarious and uniquely fresh just like yourself. While you don't post all that much, which I can understand and respect, I do like it whenever you do. Particularly your picture posts with wherever you visited/vacationed/traveled to and so forth, as it gives me a nice perspective of your life from a visual point-of-view. From everything else you post, it's all of gleefulness and good things. Oh, and I love your choice in icons; I know that's a random thing to say, but I really like your current chosen icons you have. Some are incredibly cute, others are fandomish which make me squee. All-in-all, you have a friendly and compassionate personality, which is how I evaluate you from your style of writing, and definitely are a wonderful person. Glad to have you on my friendslist. Much love! ♥
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