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*insert squee mode*

Pictures of Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon in a television movie together! The movie is called Relative Chaos and will premiere September 4th at 8:00pm on the ABC Family network. I immediately awed when seeing this because, well, just look at those pictures! It's like a reunion of sorts and revisiting that Xander/Cordelia adorableness. Oh, and yes that is Christopher Gorham in some of those promotional shots.

So much with the cute, I can't stand it.

Also, I know most will be wanting to see Pulse, starring Kristen Bell. I'd like to advise folks to watch the original Japanese film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, whether before or after viewing of the US remake. As much as I love Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder, nothing can top the morbidly terrifying original. But that's just my personal viewpoint.
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