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Daily Randomness

1. Shouldn't summer thunderstorms be starting soon? We have yet to get some around our area, which is quite unfortunate. From the unbelievable heat waves to the ups-and-downs of the temperatures, there has to be at least some kind of move where Mother Nature decides to be kind and let an afternoon of rainfall. Thank goodness that tomorrow it'll be semi-cooler than this passed week has, or so the weather reporters predict anyway.

2. Recently rented A Tale of Two Sisters and Suicide Circle, and I absolutely loved them both. AToTS is an amazing psychological thriller, eerie yet depressing. Suicide Circle is a great cult film featuring a darkish satire about how pop culture influences the human psyche. Both are fantastic and beautiful films, which I highly recommend.

3. Is it just me, or is the Gecko in those Geiko commercials getting extremely annoying lately?

4. DUDE, Preview for the House season three premiere, which does contain spoilers. Although the images go by so quickly that, unless you freeze frame-by-frame, it wouldn't be necessarily huge of spoilerish. Oh, and Cameron has nifty looking bangs this upcoming season. That's what I saw when someone posted screencaptures of this preview; despite that I'm indifferent about her character, Jennifer looks amazing with those bangs. Just saying. Still, this preview? Damn. Is it September 5th yet?

5. The Daily Show tonight was absolutely freaking outstanding, with Stephen suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Yays with Stephen and Jon together again! With his evil laugh in the end. HEE! That was pure greatness right there. How they managed to keep a straight face, I will never know. Though I love it when they go out-of-character, like with the infamous banana incident or most recently, Stephen Colbert being a pirate. Seriously, those two are classic together.
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