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Fandomosity: Bones, Nathan Fillion, SciFi, Browncoats, Pulse

12th of August, in which I'm suspecting and hoping everyone had a wonderful time this passed week, and wishing all the best for the rest of the weekend and the future to come. Stay shiny, my wonderful peeps!

-♠- Serenity 2: Battlestar Galactica: Keeping tabs on the happenings and lowdowns on the backstage talk, it's appears that Nathan Fillion's new movie, White Noise: The Light, already has some promotional pictures for us, and is possibly due to be released on January 5th of 2007. Nathan will be starring alongside Katee Sackhoff, who most people will know her as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on Battlestar Galactica. Hmmm, I sense a cracktastic crossover!

-♠- SciFi Switcheroo: Stargate:SG1 is reaching it's 200th episode, and I think this article and the pictures featured should speak for itself. They will be spoofing off from other fantasy/scifi shows --- yes, including Firefly. I definitely am not one for SG:SG1, however I will be watching this episode along with Morena Baccarin's appearances.

-♠- "I Don't Know What That Means...": Brand new promotional pictures of Season Two of Bones! Nothing considered spoilerish as they are promotional photos, showing the cast in various poses and positions (including a brand new character, whom I do not know of quite yet). I especially like the shots of them in the morgue, with Brennan holding the human skull. Very nice, indeed. Gosh, they're all just too pretty. Thankfully, FOX is airing all their fall shows earlier than other networks, which is ultimately cool. More the merrier, I say!

-♠- Still Flying (In The Polls): Firefly was deemed the No.1 slot for Best TV Show Opening, however with the comments below there are some people who disagree with this choice and are actually bashing the "Ballad of Serenity". Clearly they misunderstand the emotional message behind the lyrics, which speaks many levels about the show in general. It's quite unfortunate, or perhaps they just haven't heard Michelle Dockrey's filk version, handsomely named "Mal's Song" because in Joss's own words, the song is really about Mal and his journey. Blah to them, is all.

-♠- Pulse...Has No Pulse: After its official release this last Friday, it seems that the American remade adaptation based off of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Pulse (which stars Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder) isn't doing very well in reviews, both critic and non-critic alike. This is quite unsurprising, to tell the truth, since most Western remakes of foreign horror films seem to have dumbed down on the psychological terror that are in the originals; which sometimes some go for the "Plot? What Plot?" scenario. Whether or not you liked the newer Western-version, I do suggest renting/buying the original Japanese film, Pulse (Kairo); it may or may not make a difference, but reading reviews from other viewers the majority of American audiences aren't even aware that there was a Japanese film first, and that's a real shame.
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