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Oh, Ho-Hum.

I suddenly realized that college classes start again in exactly one week from now. This summer went by incredibly fast, but I guess this is said almost every year and besides, I had dance class for the first six weeks of my vacation break. So time certainly does fly when one's having fun. So far, I'm really psyched for my chosen classes and my arranged schedule for them, and I recently checked on the college website and I have only two classes that I'm on waiting list. Though considering how some people dropout of certain classes after the first week or so, I think I'm good.

Earlier this evening I watched yet another episode of Angela's Eyes, and I found tonight's episode nicely put together. Although I missed last Sunday's episode, I can pretty much get the jist of the happenings as seen in the previouslies. This episode that was featured tonight had an interesting setup, with Angela being given an assignment where she and her partner would have to pose as high school teachers to catch an illegal drug line that is possibly being constructed within the school campus by either a student or someone else. We see Angela posing as a substitute teacher, complete with a different look (hair in a blue headband and glasses) but not totally unrecognizable. Using her instincts and eyes, she tries to see which one of the students are getting their drugs and use is dealing with them. The entire hour goes in-and-out of present time --- where we see Angela's body being dragged in the woods, looking beaten up and roughed up inside a warehouse by an unknown person --- to the three days prior to those images, giving the "connect the dots" kind of mindgame with the audience. It was nicely done, I thought, considering that if left you wonderding the "whodunit". Angela is also having some trouble with her boss, who is possibly having some kind of romantic affair or ploying the affair with her mother, who is now lying on her deathbed from being sick. The ending wasn't surprising, the bad guys are caught and the illegal drug trade and money-dealing business is called to a hault, although I liked how badass Angela was that, even after being beaten up, she had the guts to charge at one of the guys and get the gun out of his hands. I also liked her connection with the defiant teenage girl, and we learned something new about her past.

The entire series in general, I'm actually quite enjoying. At first I had mixed-feelings since in the first episode too many things were spinning about around the character of Angela and all the drama surrounding her life; too much information in just one hour can make your head spin, and possibly not a great way of drawing people into a premiering series if it doesn't have that certain catch to grab their attention and stay tuned. But, I did stay tuned because I know firsthand that sometimes pilots for shows aren't as great as how the rest of the series would turn out to be, so I'm giving it a chance. It's been successful at not completely turning me off, it still has some ways to go but so far I'm enjoying myself and the character of Angela. I think that Abigail Spencer who plays her is spectacular, plus she's excellent eyecandy and great with the emotional and hardcore drama.

What I've Learned Thus Far: Interesting little tidbits about the show and its premise, which I learned as the episodes keep rolling. Angela Henson is a federal agent who works for the government and uses her extraordinary gift of telling when people are lying by their subtle body language. She's highly skilled in this, too. It's been known that her parents were traitors of the American nation, who were spies and feeding confidential information to the enemy. Angela had to deal with their mistakes and lies throughout her life, and after learning the truth she finally decided to use her skills to good use to catch the criminals and baddies of society. However, while Angela may be good at what she does she has extreme amounts of baggage to deal with, mainly due to her parents and possibly due to what might happen if someone finds out who she's related to. This is why she has major trust issues, and after only two episodes we see this as Angela has an on-again-off-again relationship with a man, Peter. In the second episode Peter finally leaves her because Angela lacks the social skills and lacking of trust and letting other people in --- she does beg for a second chance, but he doesn't give her one. There's also her relationship with her brother, and it's been noted that her brother has been in contact with their mother through a high-secured prison. And it's been implied that her brother may be dealing in the same mess her parents had been, just finishing up the dirty work that they didn't since bother Angela's parents were caught. But this hasn't been fully explained as of yet, which I'm hoping it will soon.

There's also something mysterious or interesting about the family time-capsule which was dug up, and I'm confused and curious on that whole thing. Was or wasn't it the brother who dug it up, and is there something majorly significant hidden inside? It's all preplexing right now. So now, it's all complex but it's very interesting to see where all this connects and leads to. Or, at least I'm hoping all will make sense in the end (as its been scheduled for a 13-episode run on Lifetime).

I'm trying not to get into more fandoms that I should, since it's almost time for the fall schedule and with new things premiering along with new seasons of my other fandoms, it's going to be hectic keeping track of them all. Already there's Heroes as my biggest possible new addition, and I've been sucked into the hilarity of Psych this summer, so I'm wondering what else I'm in for. Oy vey.
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